Family In-Home Senior Care Basics

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The Family In Home Senior Care Basics Track

CareAcademy Senior Care Basics classes provide a solid foundation for family members and professional in home caregivers.

Learn at Your Pace and On Your Schedule

Specially designed for non medical home care online training. Simple lessons that are absolutely relevant to being an in home caregiver. We surveyed hundreds of agencies, families, and professionals to create the best basic care program classes for everyone.

This track covers key areas of providing in home care services: 

Quality of Life

Health & Safety

Personal Care

Household Management


Communication & Engagement

Self Care

Learn how to care for the health and safety of a family member. Increase professionalism and advance your career as an in home senior care professional. Earn certifications to work with agencies in your area.

CareAcademy: The best training for the best in home care services.

10 Hours of E-learning Videos. Unparalleled in home senior care basic skills program

On your schedule. Knowledge you need. Online learning made easy

The CareAcademy Family Caregiver Basics Track consists of 10 especially crafted non medical home care classes led by our select expert instructors

A course assisting you with transitioning from a non-caregiving occupation to your role as an in home caregiver for a family member. Prepare for your first day on the job. Get your feet under you quickly.

A course assisting you with common issues like wound care, incontinence, managing prescriptions, and more. Get answers to the most commonly asked questions.

A course explaining some of the common symptoms of dementia and other memory impairments. Become familiar, aware, and able to recognize how to respond to common concerns.

A course guiding you through de-escalation tactics and adaptive strategies. Learn calming in home caregiver techniques and approaches in order to manage challenging behaviors.

A course explaining the common rights of in home senior care professionals across the USA. Learn what you need to know to protect yourself while caring for your family member.

A course overview of the legal rights and responsibilities associated with being a family non medical home care provider. Prepare the paperwork and handle the administrative aspects of family caregiving.

A course dedicated to explaining state and local resources available across the US. Find engaged support for in home care services professionals in your community.

A course guiding in home caregivers through some of the new challenges they face as the caregiver for a family member. Learn relaxation and stress relieving techniques.

A course teaching safety precautions to protect you and the adult you care for, focusing on transport, transfer, and environmental safety.

Easy & Affordable In Home Caregiver Basics Skills Training

Flexible. Functional. Fun

There’s nothing like becoming a caregiver for a family member. We know how it feels and what it takes. That’s why we offer the best fundamental program of in home caregiver basic skills classes online: the CareAcademy Family In Home Senior Care Basics Track.

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