Prioritize your staff’s education and training requirements compliance

Will I be billed during the trial?

No way! You will only be billed after your 14-day trial if you choose to continue using the platform. We’ll send an e-mail asking if you would like to upgrade near the end of the trial.

Can I change plans?

Your free trial instance contains all classes and features on the CareAcademy professional package. You can change plans when upgrading and choose from a starter/professional/business plan.

What can administrators expect?

You will get access to our administrator dashboard and learn how easy it is to use CareAcademy.

In 14 days you will:

  • Add yourself as a user and complete one of our classes
  • Run a compliance report of completed classes to see how easy it is to build a training log of users who have completed classes
  • See how training notifications work, you’ll learn how our alerts ensure your staff knows when to complete their training by
  • Create a custom bundle of classes and see how easy it is to assign to your staff

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