CareAcademy’s Agency Marketing Toolkit

The Agency Marketing Toolkit is a set of programs and content to support home care agencies in their marketing efforts. The primary focus is to support agencies in building value around caregiver training.

This toolkit is currently available exclusively for CareAcademy customers. If you wish to access the Agency Marketing Toolkit or are interested in CareAcademy training, book a demo below. 


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What’s Included:

Toolkit Guide – Communicating the Value of Caregiver Training

Included in the Toolkit is a Guide for Agencies to learn more about how best to use each of these items in their sales and marketing. 

CareAcademy Training Partner Certificate for Your Office

This certificate is awarded to you for being a CareAcademy Training Partner. You will receive the printed certificate by mail.

Training Partner Badge for Your Website

Add this virtual badge to your website to show that your caregivers have been trained using CareAcademy. By adding this badge to your website you are letting the world know that your staff has been trained to deliver quality care.

Buttons for Your Caregivers

These buttons are for your agency’s caregivers to show clients that they are qualified and CareAcademy trained. You will receive up to 50 buttons for free in the mail and can order more if you choose.

Value of Home Care PDF to Share With Your Clients

This PDF can be sent to prospective customers looking to work with your agency. This document helps highlight the value of home care and working with an agency as opposed to other care providers

“CareAcademy Trained” Badge to Demonstrate Your Caregivers are Qualified

These virtual badges can be used as a way to highlight a caregiver’s achievements if they qualify as ‘competent’ in a training topic.

Caregiver Resume Template

Use this template to add the classes and qualifications your caregiver has earned through CareAcademy training. You can send these to clients to show how qualified your caregiver is to support their needs.

14 Actionable Home Care Marketing Strategies

To save you time researching and deliberating which marketing methods will move the needle, we’ve compiled 14 proven marketing strategies to help home care agencies promote their business and increase revenue.

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About CareAcademy

CareAcademy provides high-quality, state-approved caregiver training for home care agencies that increases caregiver knowledge. Caregivers love to complete all of their needed training from an easy-to-use mobile-friendly platform designed around their style of learning. Home care agencies know their caregivers are current with their training requirements and are able to manage their state specific compliance needs.

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