It’s no secret that low unemployment rates, competition among companies, and budgetary constraints has made it increasingly hard to recruit and retain caregivers. And it isn’t going to get easier any time soon. With aggressive forecasted growth in the aging population, it’s important for home care agencies to create a strong system of recruiting now. Below, you’ll find three ways to get more caregiver applicants.

1. Expand your reach, fine tune your messaging

Caregivers are motivated by different reasons and come from all walks of life. It’s important that you aren’t just focusing on one subsection of the employee market and expand your reach across different demographics. Although it may be obvious, we find agencies don’t look hard enough as to where they are posting caregiving job opportunities. Make sure you are using several national job sites (such as Indeed, LinkedIn) and localized job sites to where you are looking to recruit. Additionally, it’s important to use more traditional methods such as flyers, creating relationships with unemployment programs, etc.

Once you’ve grabbed the attention of the potential applicant, it’s imperative to motivate them to take the next step to apply and engage. Fine tuning your message and having real life testimonials from a diverse group of caregivers of why they enjoy what they do is extremely important to relate to a wider greater group of potential applicants.

2. Celebrate your current employees

When thinking about recruiting, you first need to self-assess your company’s perceived culture. The first step is ensuring your employees’ happiness and that their quality of life is taken fully into consideration. In an industry where there are often a lot of “thankless tasks” and tough days for caregivers, finding a way to reward employees (aside from monetarily) is key. Something as simple as implementing a “Caregiver of the month” or “Caregiver of the year” program is a great example of this (Right at Home showcases a great example of this here.)

Creating a system to celebrate your current employees is important to create a stronger company culture, which will help you retain more caregivers and reduce the need for additional recruiting efforts. Additionally, it provides a great public image to set yourself apart from other organizations and creates a system of “word of mouth” among current employees, which will increase referrals. 

3. Invest in technology

Streamlining certification and providing proper training for compliance is crucial. It gives employees the tools they need to succeed, helps provide better overall service, and vastly reduces employee turnover. What companies may not realize is that this can also have a very positive impact on recruiting talent. This goes back to our earlier point of the importance of companies having a positive public reputation in how they support their employees.

Many industry leaders are now investing in technology to help them with this initiative. CareAcademy, a startup headquartered in Boston, provides online education to train employees to provide quality care and be compliant with state mandates. Their easy to use platform allows companies to monitor training progress while sending automated reminders to employees, improving on-time compliance. CareAcademy’s software provides other benefits such as online certificates for employees, a wide variety of specialized trainings, and more. Check out a free trial of CareAcademy here.

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