CaregiverCon 2020 Wrap Up: The Future of Home Care is Now


Hosted on October 28th 2020, CaregiverCon was a half-day event that closed the CareAcademy Future of Work program. This event successfully brought together people from all across the country who were interested in joining the caregiving profession. Featuring a mix of broad-based learning and direct training, CaregiverCon helped accelerate participants' entry into the profession.

At this event, participants had the opportunity to complete their initial training together with their peers in a virtual setting. Upon completion of their training, participants were matched with agencies in their state so they could take the next step on their home care journeys.

How it Started

There is no denying the COVID-19 pandemic has overwhelmed our healthcare system, put older adults across the country at risk, and destroyed millions of jobs. At the same time, there is a growing shortage for senior care professionals, or “home care heroes,” to help care for this at-risk population. Through CaregiverCon 2020 and The Future of Work program CareAcademy successfully equipped hundreds of new entrants into the field, accelerating their journey into the caregiving profession.

Featured  Speakers 

4-2Helen Adeosun, CareAcademy’s CEO and Founder kicked-off the event  as CaregiverCon's keynote speaker, sharing her home care journey and her vision for the future of home care. 
3-Oct-23-2020-06-05-06-01-PMAdriana Ware, RN talked about the caregiving profession: what attendees  career path could look like, what they should expect in terms of wage growth, and how they can continue to grow in the industry. 
Untitled design (5)-pngKevin Smith, CEO and Owner of Best of Care and Board President of The Home Care Council – a non-profit trade association in Massachusetts, joined us for  an engaging Q&A session where he not only answered participants questions but provided an inside look at what it is like to work for an agency and what agencies value when hiring caregivers. 
2-Oct-23-2020-06-05-05-18-PM Austin Kenyon, direct care worker and alumni of the Future of Work Program, shared his experiences from joining the program and explained what it was like working as a direct care worker over the past few months.

Hear Austin's Story

The inaugural CaregiverCon was a big success and we were glad to see so many engaged participants getting started on their journey in the Direct Care profession. We already looking forward to next year!

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