How To Attract Top Talent

by | Aug 21, 2018


Every home care agency wants to hire the best caregivers possible.  However, attracting high-quality applicants can be difficult if proper steps aren’t taken.  If you don’t market your company to these talented workers, you might lose your ideal caregiver to a competitor.  Consider the following when recruiting top talent:


1.  Communicate Effectively

Clearly explain the requirements, qualifications, and expectations of the position.  If the job posting is vague, great caregivers are less likely to respond. Prospective caregivers should have no doubt in their mind regarding the expectations of the job.  In addition, what are the benefits for working at your agency? Do you offer paid time off, unlimited vacation days, or free gym memberships? Include these perks in the job posting.


2.  Showcase Company Culture

Employees want to enjoy who they’re working with – they’ll be more motivated to work hard.  In this regard, make it clear what working in the company is like. Have a descriptive company biography on your website.  Utilize social media to post company updates. Also use social media to show how you reward employees. Do you reward your best caregivers by taking them out to lunch or writing them a thank you note?  Be sure to document these events.


3.  Incorporate Room for Growth

Talented workers look for opportunities to grow within a company as they will be making great impact.  To foster this growth, explain future opportunities within the company to prospective employees. During an interview, consider asking them where they wish to be in their career in 5 to 10 years.  Asking this will benefit both you and the candidate as it will give you a better idea what the candidate is looking for and if your company can provide this. It will also give you the chance to explain company-specific growth opportunities to the prospect.  


4.  Keep Personalities In Mind

Even though the best workers have great technical/hard skills, it’s also important they have soft skills that mesh well with the company culture.  Identify the personality traits your ideal caregiver has. This will also help you identify what the candidates value in their career. Do they value opportunities to grow or a sense of purpose?  Incorporate these values into your company to attract the best talent.


5.  Harness Millennials 

It’s estimated that millennials will comprise 75% of the workforce by 2025.  Thus, it’s important to advertise your job openings to millennials.  Attract millennials through social media and make your website and job posting mobile-friendly.  Furthermore, millennials look to their superiors as role models and mentors. Familiarize yourself with different mentoring techniques to prepare for these workers.    


6.  Utilize Word-of-Mouth Marketing

Word-of-mouth marketing can be a very powerful tool to help promote your company.  Encourage your employees to tell their friends who are looking for jobs about your company.  You can even consider creating talent acquisition ambassadors on social media. These ambassadors can promote the company culture on their social accounts.

Try these tips to recruit the best talent.  Keep track of your progress and make sure that the applicants are onboarded properly if hired. 

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