How To Reward Your Caregivers

by | Aug 16, 2018


As turnover rates in the home care industry rapidly increase, rewarding employees for their efforts becomes even more crucial. Rewarding caregivers for their hard work is a great way to show your appreciation and retain caregivers. The following are tips and advice for rewarding great caregivers!

Before rewarding your employees, ensure that the reward is:

  • Rightfully earned
    • It’s important that the correct individual is being recognized for their achievements.  In this regard, also ensure that the achievements are positive and worth praising. Never reward poor performance as this could have adverse effects.
  • Timely
    • Reward employees as soon as possible.  Waiting long periods of time may make the caregiver think that their hard work is not a priority.  Even if you plan to recognize them formally after an extended period of time, be sure to let them know you appreciate their accomplishment sooner.
  • Specific
    • Be clear on what you are rewarding your caregiver for.  Reference the specific situation in which the caregiver earned praise.  Similarly to being timely, if you provide a vague description on why the caregiver is being rewarded, they may feel less prioritized.
  • Genuine
    • This may appear obvious, but caregivers will know if their reward is insincere.  Be as genuine as possible when rewarding employees.


Once the above guidelines have been met, consider these suggestions for rewarding employees:

  • Handwritten Thank-You Notes
    • Handwritten thank-you notes are a very personal way of thanking a caregiver.  Even though emails, text messages, and phone calls are also ways to thank an employee, a handwritten note is more personal.  It shows that you appreciate the caregiver’s work enough to take the time to write them a note. In addition, by writing down your thanks, the caregiver has an item that they can look back on.
  • Gift cards
    • Gift cards can be a great treat for your caregivers.  Even a small gift card to a local coffee shop can mean a lot for someone that has been working hard.  You can even consider providing gift cards to local gas stations or grocery stores as a way to alleviate some of the daily expenses your caregiver faces.
  • Caregiver of the Month
    • Having a Caregiver of the Month is a fun way to recognize your talented staff!  Consider featuring them in your company newsletter or on social media (with their permission).  Print out certificates or badges to give to these employees as a physical token of appreciation.  At the end of the year, take these caregivers out to a company lunch or coffee to celebrate their achievements.
  • Free Lunch/Coffee
    • Take a talented caregiver to lunch or coffee at a place of their choosing.  This is a great way to connect with your caregiver and learn more about them through face-to-face conversation.   

Rewarding your caregivers will have wonderful, long lasting effects.  Employees that feel appreciated work harder and become more loyal than those that don’t.  You should always verbally express your gratitude to caregivers, even if you participate in one of the rewards above.  Also feel free to be creative when rewarding your caregivers!  Acts of thanks can come in many forms and your caregiver will appreciate your recognition.   


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