Three Reasons Why Hiring Millennials is Good for Your Home Care Business

by | Mar 15, 2018

Millennials are the largest generation of people currently in the American workforce. According to Pew Research Center, Millennials now make up a third of the American workers and that  number is on track to grow exponentially as college graduates and immigrants continue to enter the workforce. This is good news for the home care market which is currently experiencing a labor shortage. The good news for the healthcare industry is that millennials are opting for professions in business (21.7%), social science and history (10.5%) and health (7.5%). With the home health care industry needing more workers, this is the perfect opportunity for home care agencies to proactively recruit Millennials.


That being said, in order to attract and retain millennial caregivers, it’s important to understand what motivates them. Keep in mind that this generation grew up during one of the most challenging economic conditions of recent times and that vulnerability is not lost on them. They are leaving college steeped in college debt and therefore making choices that expose them less financially – at least for now – choosing to focus on their careers and building a monetary stronghold before incurring greater debt from mortgages, cars and even families.


How To Leverage the Millennial Mindset To Grow Your Agency

Millennials crave purpose. Regardless of circumstance, millennials love to have a sense of fulfillment and new adventures  included when they are looking for jobs, and therefore, seek out opportunities where they can do this and build connections. Caregiving is an inherently meaningful occupation that millennials will tap into the millennial ideology. Therefore, when recruiting be sure to communicate how your company is focused on the greater good and provide concrete ways in which they can make a difference in each client’s life and within the agency. Also, keep in mind, that older millennials may have deeper connection to this field as they are likely to have older loved ones that may soon require good quality home health care services. Tapping into their core values is also the key the retention with many choosing to leave it a company’s core purpose is not aligned with their own.

Millennials are results-oriented. Millennials are pros at figuring out what a company needs and finding the most efficient solution. They are adaptable and flexible making their versatility and fluency with technology and social media a key asset for home care agencies. Adopting new technologies that support and cultivate in-home care for more clients will be critical in business growth and scaling resources, but also critical in keeping them engaged. Fiercely collaborative and inclusive, invite millennials to help develop implementation strategies, welcome their feedback and allow them to pose ideas. Their strong desire to make a difference naturally invites this level involvement and will go a long way in strengthening employee engagement. Not to mention that when attempting to use technology to facilitate an “ideal state of home health care,” you’ll need young, bright, go getter minds on tap to push its use and adoption forward.

Millennials want to secure their future. This Harvard Business Review article might sum this point up best as it recounts the sentiments of the 8,000 millennials that work at PwC. Their “Not My Father’s Firm” infographic shows that 71% of millenials don’t want their job to interfere with their personal lives; 41% say they want to be recognized for their good work on a regular basis – even monthly; and 38% don’t see themselves working on one place for nine years or more. The good news is that home care agencies can easily respond to these preferences by fine-tuning their internal culture to celebrate employees, promoting the flexibility and benefits of a role that allows you to manage your own schedule, and charting career paths to keep millennials motivated at your agency.  As a later millennial myself, you’re talking about a generation that wants to do work that makes them feel valued and that they’re making a difference in the world. Agencies can tap into that within this industry and when you’re speaking with caregivers, be willing to chart a path to progressing in this industry. Offering educational pathways can be a key differentiator when attracting and recruiting millennial talent, and by leveraging online platforms, you can offer this year-round benefit at an affordable cost. This group is ready, willing and able to take full advantage of these platforms and opportunities to advance their careers.


Millenials Are The Future Of Home Care

With millennials growing in vast numbers, home care agencies have no choice but to fill their pipeline with our youngest workers. It is now a labor imperative to adapt to this new generation and, if prepared, agencies can take full advantage of this prime opportunity to build a robust pipeline of caregivers that become immune to the typical ebbs and flows that are usually experienced in this field. Instead, by understanding these three motivational factors, improving productivity, expanding internal expertise and living your purpose can funnel your growth for years to come. Plus you will have more benefits when you master your approach as you can rely on millenials to drive even more workers to your agency through their use of social media and their fast adoption of new technologies that aid in crowd-sourcing talent.


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