CareAcademy Homecare California Compliance Certificates

Online training for caregivers in California

As of 2016, California law mandates that senior services agencies and professionals must complete mandatory training requirements. Homecare California certification from CareAcademy provides a solid foundation for all home care professionals.

Caregiver Certification California Requirements

Learn what it takes to become a caregiving superstar

What does it mean to be a caregiver?

Our California Compliance program begins with this question, leading family caregivers and professionals along a series of courses designed to enhance knowledge of both the industry and best care techniques and practices.

Initial Caregiver Training

Begin with a series of courses that teach employment and agency specific knowledge, environmental and personal safety standards, emergency procedures, and safety precautions.

Client Rights and Caregiver Responsibilities

Learn about the rights of the person you care for and yourself. Explore how to maintain personal and professional boundaries, basic job duties and descriptions, and how to build a strong caregiver team environment.

Assisting with Daily Living Activities

Prepare to provide a variety of senior services to support your clients’ every day lives, including companionship, housekeeping, shopping assistance, meal preparation, companionship, and scheduling skills. Everyday responsibilities can become a challenge for older adults.

Communication Skills (Annual Training)

Discover effective communication tools for working with other care providers, family members, and older adults with Alzheimer’s, dementia, special needs, or those with hearing loss.

Elder Abuse & Geriatric Care Law (Annual Training)

Become aware of the legal requirements in California for reporting abuse, and what types of behaviors are considered “abuse” and “neglect” by California state law. Learn how to prevent every type of elder abuse.

HIPPA & Medical Confidentiality (Annual Training)

Develop your understanding of medical privacy and regulations regarding medical decision making. Learn about home care nursing, and the legal rights and responsibilities of medical authorities.

Specialized Programs for California Home Care Agencies

Annual Training Requirement

CareAcademy: The best online training for California home care providers.

Every year, required senior services’ California certifications must be renewed. CareAcademy’s Homecare California Compliance program makes it easy to keep your caregiver skills current.

Keep Caregivers Licensed

Annual Re-Certification Renewal Reminders

We contact caregivers as the certification expiration date approaches. Never let there be a lapse in your training.

Updated Materials for California Certification

We keep our courses updated to comply with California law. Verified and regulated by [insert state government authority here].

20 Hours of Senior Care Online Training Videos

Specialized program for California licensing and certification

The CareAcademy Homecare California Compliance program consists of 20 especially crafted caregiver classes led by senior services experts.

Caregiver Classes for Senior Homecare. California Compliant Certifications Online

Convenient. Relevant. Fun

CareAcademy works with hundreds of home care agencies in California to ensure that thousands of senior care providers receive the right training every year. For an agency, maintaining California home care agency license requirements is crucial. CareAcademy can help.

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