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95% of their time on training-related tasks

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More Class Completions than In-Person Training


View all your caregivers’ training progress in one place and make sure they stay in compliance

Automated Caregiver Reminders

Our platform automatically sends text and email reminders tailored to each caregiver so you maintain a high class completion rate.

When you add a caregiver, we’ll assign the classes they need with the right due date.

Always Stay in Compliance

Client Specific Training

You can assign client-specific training to caregivers instantly and bulk assign groups of classes to caregivers who need to relearn a skill.

We’ll respond quickly through phone, email, or chat 7 days a week. 

View all your caregivers and their training progress at the same time

Best-in-Class Customer Support

Tracking Caregiver Progress

Time-Saving Dashboard


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Find out why CareAcademy is the right training solution for your agency.

Caregivers, HHAs, and Nurses Complete Trainings with CareAcademy 

Essential for Long Term Care Companies 

Running an agency isn't always easy, which is why CareAcademy is here to help. We are a state-approved, high-quality caregiver training platform that offers bite-size, scenario-based video training designed for smartphones. With us, you will easily meet your state's compliance, onboard your staff faster, and so much more! 

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