Have you ever wondered how to attract the right caregiver applicants? Are you looking to increase the number of applicants? Do you struggle with caregiver turnover?

 With these 3 tips on caregiver recruiting you will learn techniques to attract and keep caregivers that will help your homecare company grow.

1. Diversify and Leverage Digital Platforms For Caregiver Recruiting

Using only one or two job posting sites might be an easy option but your audience is searching through multiple online sources to find new opportunities. 

Getting out of your comfort zone and leveraging new digital platforms can help you find a more diverse group of applicants to choose from. 

Some of the top job posting tools include:

  • Indeed.com
  • myCNAjobs.com
  • Care.com
  • LinkedIn
  • Ziprecruiter
  • Craigslist
  • Glassdoor.com
  • Careopoly.com
  • CaregiverHR.com
  • Caregiverlist.com

Using social media platforms is another great way to increase awareness of your job openings. As the main ways that we consume content today, it is likely that your target demographic is using social media. Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn offer paid advertisements that allow you to reach your target audience by location, job title, interests, and more. 

Last but not least, it is crucial to remember that not all job posting or social media platforms will be a good fit for your company. It is important to track the number of applicants, cost-per-hire, and turnover rate of each platform so you can increase the quantity of applicants and improve retention.

2. Utilize Employee Referral Programs

Employee referral programs can not only help you attract the right type of caregiver but help reduce turnover. An effective Employee referral program should include the following:

  • Offer monetary and non-monetary referral incentives- Money is a great incentive but in some cases it is more motivating to offer experiences (i.e. sports tickets, trips, extra PTO).
  • Include additional bonuses for longer tenure- For example, offer more payment if a referral stays with the company for 90 days.
  • Keep the employee referral program simple- Your current employee will not use the referral program if they can’t understand it.
  • Ask new hires as quickly as possible- Your employees are more likely to refer qualified candidates when they first join the company

Some other caregiver recruiting activities to consider include:

  • Referral parties- Have a fun event where current employees can invite prospective candidates
  • Gamification software- Gamification software like Zao to add a competition element to referring candidates

The Data Behind Employee Referrals

Employee turnover can cost a company thousands of dollars a year. Here at CareAcademy we understand that the in-home care industry is no stranger to turnover. 

The graph below shows turnover percentages based on some of the top recruitment sources:

As you can see, referral sources can offer the lowest turnover rates when stacked against other popular job posting sites. That is why recruiting experts claim that an employee referral program is a crucial part of your caregiver recruitment plan and retention.

3. Provide Training and Continuing Education For Your Employees

Caregivers enjoy what they do more when they feel like their efforts are making a difference for those that they care for and the company they work for. That feeling of enjoyment and success can be elevated when the level of care they give is elevated as well. 

Although you may fear spending time and money to develop employees that might go elsewhere in the future, employee training can actually increase employee retention, when the training elevates the value of the employee. It gives them a sense of success and advancement.

CareAcademy makes it easy for you to provide that sense of advancement through our online training program. Your employees can learn anytime and anywhere through any device. 

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