If you’re like most home care agency owners, you’re probably facing difficulties recruiting caregivers. Discover the top 3 ways you can rapidly grow your care team!

Caregiver Referral Programs

One of the best ways to find great caregiver applicants is by getting referrals. Here’s how you can start building your referral program:

  • Start asking early: If you’ve already offered a caregiver a position at your agency, ask them early on (even before they start) if they know anyone else who would be interested in becoming a caregiver. On the flipside, if a caregiver turns down your offer, ask if they know anyone else who would be a good fit.
  • Offer a variety of incentives: Make sure you offer different types of incentives for referrals. Some caregivers may not care for gift cards, but would be motivated by other forms of recognition, like paid training opportunities or more vacation.
  • Set secondary incentives: Not only do you want more caregivers, but you also want better caregivers who stay at your agency. It only makes sense to offer incentives for those secondary factors. Offer bonuses if an employee refers multiple people and/or if the new hires stay for at least 6 months.

Think Like a Marketer

Simply put, you need to advertise your open positions to the right people, at the right place, with the right messaging.

  • Go to campus job fairs: Students here are looking for job opportunities. Make it easy by introducing them to a career in caregiving and let them know how you will help them get the skills and training they need to be a great caregiver.
  • Write better job descriptions: Make sure job descriptions are clear and concise. You can also make your job postings more enticing by including perks your agency offers, like flexible hours and free food or training.
  • Advertise online: Job boards like nursingjobs.com and myCNAjobs.com can help you find qualified candidates. But don’t limit yourself there - many great candidates can also be found on social media networks like Facebook and LinkedIn.

Broaden Your Reach with Training

One of the biggest reasons you aren’t getting more applicants is because individuals simply don’t know that they can become caregivers.

  • Offer training for new caregivers: Capture students, people just entering the workforce, and individuals signing up for Uber/other gigs by giving them the training they need to become a great caregiver. Highlight that your home care agency offers an extensive training program for new caregivers who want to get started on their journey towards a rewarding career.
  • Entice current caregivers: A training program can also help you attract applicants who want to build more specialized skills and grow professionally. This will help you retain better caregivers, reducing your need to constantly recruit new ones.

Good training is at the core of creating a workforce of better caregivers. It allows you to attract employees who would otherwise go into different industries and keeps your current caregivers engaged (which will ultimately mean more employee referrals!).

If you don’t already have a high-quality training program, join home care agencies all over the nation using CareAcademy. We offer comprehensive online training programs for caregivers that are based on state mandates and can be customized to meet your agency’s professional developmental needs.

Try CareAcademy free for 90 days! Started by taking the self-guided tour.

Try CareAcademy free for 90 days! Started by taking the self-guided tour.


Our mission is to help agencies and caregivers provide excellent care. We are proud to work with thousands of agencies, franchisors and caregivers nationwide to accomplish this goal everyday.

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