Is it challenging to recruit high quality caregivers? If so, we understand. We believe we can help you improve your caregiver recruiting experience. Recruiting caregivers is like choosing family members. Or like starting a relationship with new friends or colleagues, it can be rewarding for both parties. The first interaction an applicant has with your company molds their perceptions moving forward. Explore three tips to use during recruiting and attract qualified caregivers your customer needs.

Share Your Story

Spark interests of caregivers for your company. Use stories as an opportunity to express day to day experiences. Uniquely use different voices from your current caregivers, customers or their family members. After hearing an impactful story it may help inspire potential caregivers to apply. Ensure the story explains the spiritual and emotional impact of caregivers. Consider creating a video series to share impactful stories and place it on your website. As well as post videos on company social media pages with a closing statement to help raise interest.

According to the Society for Human Resource Management employee referrals generate 30 percent of hires. Encourage your staff to help spread the word. It could be as simple as asking employees to share your videos. This effort may increase your caregiver applicants tremendously and have a positive impression.

Advertise in Non-Traditional Outlets

Your next caregiver may scroll through social media and see a post about your opening that captures their attention. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and more are a part of everyday life for many. Despite the censorship concerns social media remains popular. According to Pew Research approximately 69 percent of adults use Facebook. Consider advertising with social media groups such as CareGiver Connect on Facebook which has a community of approximately 4,000 caregivers. Get involved in the conversation and offer supporting advice. Connect with the administrator of the group to determine opportunities to post openings.

Additionally, don’t miss the opportunity to use your own social media to post openings for caregivers. Encourage current followers and caregivers to share posts on personal social media pages. When others advocate for your company it may help raise interests significantly.

Incorporate Employee Training in Your Post

Potential applicants may expect training as part of the on-boarding process. As well as continuous professional and personal development opportunities in their next position. We believe training is essential to success for caregivers in the field who represent your company. According to a recent CareAcademy customer, employee training completion increased by 55 percent after incorporating our online platform. Our mobile optimized online training programs are user friendly and effective.

CareAcademy offers a free self-guided tour to explore interacting with our platform. We also provide a free 90 day trial, so you can get familiar with the service thoroughly. Caregivers can take online classes and you can see how easy it is to operate. You can also maintain training and compliance using our dashboard.

We have a common goal. We want to help offer high quality care to those who need it. Proper training is an essential way to meet and fulfill needs. Don’t make caregiver recruiting tough, it can be a breeze. Incorporate your stories, post non-traditional advertisements, and highlight caregiver training opportunities.

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Our mission is to help agencies and caregivers provide excellent care. We are proud to work with thousands of agencies, franchisors and caregivers nationwide to accomplish this goal everyday.

Last year, we certified thousands of caregivers and saved home care agencies millions of dollars in training costs.

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Shelly W.

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