With the growing trend of population ageing, the number of elderly people continues to raise year over year. Demand for senior care is very strong today, yet the market is short for well-trained, professional caregivers. Many caregiving agencies are wondering, how can we recruit more professional caregivers? We are recommending 3 ways here to help you get more applicants.

Offer a Competitive Salary

The intensity of caregivers’ responsibilities, as well as the strong demand for caregivers in the job market today is, undoubtfully, being underestimated. Elderly people, who gradually lose their ability to take care of themselves, suffer from physical difficulties and diseases. This force them to seek help from others. For those elderly people who need to be taken care of, they basically need long-term help with all aspects of their daily lives. For example, taking medicine, eating food, drinking water, bathing, getting dressed, etc. Caregivers’ responsibilities cover them all. Therefore, the workload of caregivers is very heavy. In such industry, it becomes very difficult to recruit applicants without corresponding compensation to support caregivers hard work.

Provide Insurance & Benefits

To some people, caregivers’ job might seem easy, but it is actually a very challenging job and sometimes even can be dangerous. Due to the heavy workload, caregivers can get injured during their work very easily. If employers offer insurance or other benefits to applicants, it will help applicants understand that they have more life stability that they will be able to pay for medical expenses if accidents ever happen. This will become a key motivation for them to apply.

Offering Professional Training

Finally, and most importantly, caregiving agencies should continue to provide trainings to caregivers. In most cases, although caregivers are not always required to own strong medical background or expertise, they still need to assist the elderly to take medicine and also observe their physical condition most of the times. With proper training, caregivers will have the right skills and knowledge to do their jobs, to take better care of their clients and eventually get paid more as their clients benefit from the service caregivers provided. Offering professional trainings to applicants is the most important way to attract and retain customers.

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