Gareda Home Care Services Earned 40% of Time Back in Manual Admin Activities with CareAcademy

Gareda looked to CareAcademy to increase caregiver training engagement with educational content that accommodates all learner types. They also hoped to reduce the amount of time spent completing manual tasks with automated systems and excellent customer service.

Chicago-based home care services, Gareda, updates training technology with CareAcademy

Gareda Home Care Services has proudly offered care for seniors, veterans, and individuals with disabilities for over 35 years. With over 2,000 caregivers servicing areas across Illinois, growth has remained consistent for Gareda. Their recent partnership with AccentCare has further accelerated their ability to provide leading home care and health management services nationwide. For over 20 years, Kim Bishop has worn many hats during her tenure at Gareda. For the last six years, she has served as training coordinator to drive the development and success of their training programs for Gareda’s direct care workers. Kim’s role has been crucial to Gareda’s recent growth.

New technology to accommodate growth

As Gareda began expanding its services and service areas, the team realized their manual systems were not sustainable. Much of their recruiting, payroll, and training processes were by hand, so to keep up with growth, physical files and spreadsheets needed to be eliminated.  Over time, they implemented new technologies to supplement their business operations, such as Paylocity for payroll processing. They also enhanced a number of existing processes and began using recruiting and employment sites like Indeed. With Kim’s focus on training, she saw an additional opportunity to expand new caregiver training and ongoing education through the use of new technology.

Educational content to engage all learner types

After several years using their previous platform to bring their training online, the team at Gareda found their caregivers struggling to retain what they were learning in class, and many had difficulties navigating the platform.  As someone who is passionate about providing appropriate training mediums for all learner types, Kim looked to CareAcademy for an easy-to-use solution that would add variety to the content in their programs.   

She believes that individuals are most productive in retaining information when it’s presented in a visually compelling manner. “When there’s a visual element, people tend to stay focused, they’re more eager to learn, and they interact better with the content,” Kim said. 

Previously, Kim found herself consoling members of her team after failing knowledge exams multiple times in a row. She was confident that these caregivers were skilled, effective, and well-equipped to provide the high-quality care for which they were hired. At the time, in-person training was part of the curriculum, which made her question the content and usability of Relias, their former solution. Even after demonstrating their knowledge in person, the system could not allow them to pass manually for record-keeping purposes. Kim saw this as a two-fold problem: first, they needed to make their online training simple to maneuver, and second, it had to be more engaging.  Kim’s approach to learning aligned with the training content offered by CareAcademy. The library of videos and visually engaging classes stood out to her as something her caregivers would benefit from when working with clients.

Because of CareAcademy’s simple-to-use design and engaging content, 90% of caregivers who begin training can successfully navigate the course and pass the exam. This was the peace of mind needed to address the previously low passing rates. She also wanted to accommodate the broad range of diversity across her caregiving team. “Not everyone is computer savvy. CareAcademy is easy for people who don’t have as much experience with technology. We’ve seen that they’re able to maneuver the training with ease,” she shared. 

Regaining time by eliminating manual processes

Running a training program comes with administrative work that requires making changes to caregiver profiles, updating curricula, and assigning it to new and existing employees. In the past, Kim found many of these activities were overly manual and time-consuming or required customer service assistance from their prior provider.  CareAcademy allowed Kim to take control of her administrative activities with more access to permissions and automation that eliminated the manual aspect of assigning classes to caregivers. “I can definitely say that I’ve gotten at least 40% of my time back,” she said. 

Top-of-the-line features and true partnership

The ability to provide a completely mobile training experience to caregivers plays a large role in Gareda’s success—with COVID-19 exacerbating this need. “We want to work with technology so our caregiver team is able to sit on their couch at home and complete their training if that is when it’s convenient for them. Making it easy for them makes it easy for us. More people will complete the classes if they can do it at their convenience,” Kim explained. “CareAcademy gave us the option to let them take the state-mandated classes online, which is great if they have another job or are taking care of their parents full time.”  

Like many agencies, Gareda wants to provide the best training for their caregivers to ensure high-quality outcomes for each client. One of the ways they do this is by working directly with CareAcademy to provide feedback about the content, share ideas for future classes, and by relaying information directly from clients. “We want to make sure we have the type of education that the community needs. CareAcademy allows us to constantly be involved, they listen to feedback, and are honest and transparent around everything that’s being developed,” Kim said.      

Gareda prides themselves in their team’s dedication, tenure, and passion for their purpose: to always be there when needed. A large factor of their success comes from maintaining an environment that focuses on teamwork, integrity, and the use of technology to create efficiencies across their business. Gareda believes that their partnership with CareAcademy has boosted the efficacy of their training for caregivers, ultimately driving more successful client outcomes. 

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