Preparing Family Caregivers to Provide Outstanding Senior Care Services

In-Depth Video

Engaging video instruction led by doctors, nurses, and professional caregivers. A rich trove of local and national resources for senior care services for family members.

Supportive Caregiver Community

Join discussion groups and meet-ups. Display personalized badges on online profiles or in your home to identify you as a trained caregiver. Become involved with caregiver & homecare assistance communities.

Professional-Level Care

Designed for adults who begin to take on senior care responsibilities for an older family member. We break down the highest quality professional care advice into terms and practical advice that anyone can understand and apply.


Learn at your own pace. Each home care class is accessible for one year, so you can refresh your basic skills, re-watch videos, and access the extensive library on your own schedule.

CareAcademy: The best caregiver certification for non-professional family senior care providers.

Recommended Tracks for Family Caregivers

Our most valuable bundles of senior care courses, no matter your experience or skill level.

Online training programs for caregiver certification

Introducing caregivers to essential skills for sensitive and professional-quality senior care services.

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Specialized training in dementia care and communication techniques

Enhancing communication skills for independent and family care providers.

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Recommended Classes for Family Caregivers

Self-Guided Learning. Focus on Skills Relevant to You.

Easy-to-follow basic skills care courses with practical advice and helpful video instruction you can follow at your own pace. Take classes that apply to your situation and earn caregiver certifications that you see benefits from every day.

Family and professional caregiver online training

What It Means to be a Caregiver | Dignity and Ability in Senior Care

In this course, CareAcademy instructors review the many roles and duties that caregivers perform every day. Prepare to face challenges and learn proven methods to improve caregiving skills for every experience level. With practical knowledge for organization, time management, and other non-medical eldercare duties.

More About CareAcademy Courses

Home care solutions to help adults with daily activities

Assisting withEldercare Daily Living and Personal Care Activities

In this course, CareAcademy instructors explain safety and health guidelines for assisting with daily personal care needs, including bathing, hygiene procedures, and toileting. Review and discuss advice on providing companionship, meal preparation, and diet guidance in addition to procedures for safely transporting older adults.

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Advanced communication skills for eldercare and adult services professionals

Communicating with Older Adults

In this course, CareAcademy instructors review techniques caregivers use to creatively overcome communication issues in eldercare. Language barriers, physical disability and hearing loss, cognitive impairments and more can all cause communication challenges. Learn theories and practical methods to make enhance your communication skills.

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Sanitation for superior senior care services

Maintaining a Clean & Healthy Environment

In this course, CareAcademy instructors review guidelines and techniques to maintaining a sanitary environment for the safest senior care services. Prevent injury and illness and appropriately care for older adults to prevent infection. Learn about providing the most secure environment for someone with physical or cognitive impairments.

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Safe transport in senior home care services

Transporting an Older Adut

In this course, CareAcademy instructors explain important safety guidelines and techniques to use when transporting older adults in senior home care services. Learn to use assistive equipment in car and other transport. Correct methods of lifting and moving are taught, to maintain safety and prevent injury for both the older adult and the caregiver.

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Make homes safer for seniors by preventing falls

Preventing Falls in Older Adults

In this course, CareAcademy instructors explain the best methods to eliminate trip hazards and prevent injuries caused by falls. Learn what to do when someone has fallen and how to attend to injuries in emergency situations. Top detailed instruction for senior home care services professionals and family caregivers.

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Outstanding Family Caregiver Classes for Caregivers That Stand Out: CareAcademy

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