About Our Franchise Relationships

CareAcademy is an online training platform used to increase caregiver knowledge and improve the overall quality of care your agency provides to your clients. We offer a wide range of multi-location partnership opportunities with franchisors to provide consistent onboarding, executive-level insights, and customized commitment options to meet the needs of every vendor to franchise relationship.  

Franchisor Partnership Benefits 

Custom Launch Plans

Our team will develop a roll-out plan to announce CareAcademy as a training provider partner to your existing and newly acquired franchisee locations. 

Hands-Free Onboarding 

We’ll work directly with your franchisees to get them onboarded and up to speed with training caregivers. 

Compliance in All 50 States

Franchises with locations across multiple states are pre-configured with caregiver training that meets requirements in each individual state. 

Set up for Success

We’ll provide your franchisees with tools, marketing resources, and training webinars to make sure each location has everything they need to grow. 


About CareAcademy

CareAcademy provides high-quality, state-approved caregiver training for home care agencies that increases caregiver knowledge. Caregivers love to complete all of their needed training from an easy-to-use mobile-friendly platform designed around their style of learning. Home care agencies know their caregivers are current with their training requirements and are able to manage their state specific compliance needs.

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