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Home Care Agency Marketing Toolkit

Improve Client Acquisition: 

Providing agencies with marketing tools to help them generate new business. 

What is The Agency Marketing Toolkit? 

This toolkit is a set of programs and content to support home care agencies in their marketing efforts. The primary focus is to support agencies in building value around caregiver training.

This toolkit is solely for CareAcademy customers. We will be growing the number of programs and content to help support you.

Helping home care businesses showcase the value of training

How Will The Toolkit Help Me?

Improve Contract Value: 

Providing agencies with content and tools that create a clear link between caregiver training and improved client relationships and patient outcomes.

Improve Client Retention:

Providing agencies with tools and materials that show how caregivers evolve as needs change enabling agencies to retain clients longer.

What is in The Toolkit?

CareAcademy Training Partner Certificate for Your Office

Training Partner Badge for Your Website

Buttons for Your Caregivers to Show They Are CareAcademy Trained

Value of Home Care PDF to Share With Your Clients

Access The Free Toolkit for CareAcademy Customers Here:

Toolkit Guide - Communicating the Value of Caregiver Training

"CareAcademy Trained" Badge to Demonstrate Your Caregivers are Qualified

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