Home Helpers + CareAcademy

New partnership creates a first-of-its-kind opportunity for home care agencies to quickly and more efficiently provide training to its caregivers.

CareAcademy provides mobile-friendly training made up of engaging, bite-sized content. Home care agency managers can easily curate caregiver training through the CareAcademy platform, leading to improved results in recruitment, onboarding, and retention.

Jeffrey Stoker, the owner of Home Helpers of Nampa, ID, reported up to 85% less time to onboard new caregivers using CareAcademy.

Rates go as low as $2.00/user/month! Check out the details below on how to sign up!

“At Home Helpers, we are always looking for ways to make our exceptional care even stronger. We have offices in more than 1000 communities across the United States. Using CareAcademy helps us ensure that all of our employees are trained to the highest level, wherever they are.”

Emma Dickison, CEO of Home Helpers

Meet your state training requirements and reduce turnover.


Caregiver Training Made Easy

CareAcademy helps home care agencies deliver and document caregiver training. Caregivers take interactive online classes on a smartphone, tablet, or computer.

Managers can quickly see each caregivers progress and generate compliance reports. CareAcademy tracks online and in-person training.

Classes your caregivers will LOVE Technology caregivers can USE

Unlike other online training platforms, which are hard to use or have outdated content; CareAcademy features engaging and memorable classes that are designed to be taken on smartphones and tablets.

“Right Way/Wrong Way” Videos Teach Caregivers Person-Centered Care

CareAcademy’s real life video scenarios teach customer service and person-centered care.

Caregivers learn how to handle difficult behaviors gracefully and are also shown “what not to do”.

Automate Training & Documentation

Use CareAcademy to supplement orientation and in-services, streamline client-specific training, or enable caregivers to learn anywhere and anytime.

Managers can quickly retrieve certificates of completion by caregiver, date range, or for your entire care team!

Home Helpers Franchise Group Pricing

Stephanie Volk

Stephanie Volk

Senior Training Consultant

How to sign up: 

  1. Contact Stephanie Volk, Senior Training Consultant, at svolk@careacademy.com or via phone at 503-785-9519, or book a demo to learn more. 
  2. Fill out the Order Form that Stephanie sends to you for the number of employees with which you’d like to start your subscription.
  3. At the end of the enrollment period (on 9/6/19), we’ll email everyone who is signed up and let them know what volume pricing level was achieved, and what everyone’s starting rate is.

Program Summary:

  • For a limited time, Home Helpers franchise offices are eligible for a special Group Subscription to CareAcademy. Individual franchisees can sign up for any number of users and leverage the volume pricing available to the Franchise network.
  • Each Home Helpers franchise office signs up and pays for their own 12-month subscription to CareAcademy (minimum $49/month).
  • The per-user rate will be determined by the total number of users who are signed up with CareAcademy across the entire Franchise network (see pricing chart below).
  • The sign-up period begins on August 15th, 2019, and ends on September 5th, 2019.
  • At the end of the sign-up period, CareAcademy will communicate to the Franchise network the total quantity of users and the respective per-user rate.

At the end of each calendar quarter, CareAcademy will review the total number of users under this Group Subscription. If the total number of users under the Group Subscription falls within a higher volume pricing tier, the per-user rate for all offices will be adjusted according to the pricing table below.

For example: Over the initial 2-week sign up period, if 1000 users are enrolled, each office pays $2.61/user/month for their own quantity of users only. Throughout the quarter, each office can add as many additional users that they may need at that same per-user rate. At the end of the quarter, if a total additional 1000 users are added, each agency’s per user cost would go down to $2.44/user/month.

Home Helpers Group Pricing Chart

Train Caregivers. Retain Caregivers.

Discover how to meet your state training requirements and reduce turnover with CareAcademy.

Train Caregivers. Retain Caregivers.

Discover how to meet your state training requirements and reduce turnover with CareAcademy.