Preparing Non-Medical In-Home Care Professionals to Provide Excellent Care


Leading doctors, nurses, and caregivers teach engaging online video classes and provide rich resources and in-depth assistance.


Caregiver certification online badges for LinkedIn and other professional profiles identify you as a skilled caregivers.


Opportunities to learn inspire professionals to acquire advanced skill sets and prepare for a wider range of situations.

Recommended Tracks for In-Home Care Professionals

Our most popular and valuable bundles of caregiver certifications online for geriatric care professionals.

Online training programs for caregiver certification

Introducing caregivers to essential skills for professional in home care.

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Specialized training in dementia care and communication techniques

Enhancing soft skills for independent and agency senior care providers.

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Caregiver classes for California state elder care providers

Certifying caregivers to meet California state professional standards

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Recommended Classes for In Home Care Professionals

Individual Classes. Self-Paced Learning. Ongoing Geriatric Care Training.

Go beyond the basics. Specialize your caregiver development based on your interests. Enhance your career as a professional in-home caregiver.

Senior services care manager training focused on personal care

Maintaining a Safe & Healthy Environment | Health-Focused Senior Care Services

In this course CareAcademy instructors discuss sanitation guidelines to maintain clean, healthy environments. Prevent illness and injury with simple, industry-quality environmental procedures. Keep working health and safety guidelines in place for yourself, learn first-aid emergency care, and gain practical knowledge whether you’re a professional or family caregiver.

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Elder care services worker discussing legal care plan

Older Adults Rights | Care to Protect Every Person

In this course, CareAcademy professionals discuss the legal responsibility of caregivers. It’s essential that family and professional in home care givers understand confidentiality and accountability laws, as well as how to protect patients from neglect and harm. Reviews and explanations of HIPAA, power of attorney, medical decision making, and more.

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Family and professional caregiver online training

Being a Professional Senior Care Provider | Dignity & Ability

In this course, CareAcademy instructors explain our approach to professional, patient-based caregiving. Prepare for the multiple roles required of caregivers and learn methods to interact with clients and their families. Organizational skills and time management tricks for anyone to provide the highest quality senior care.

More About CareAcademy Courses

Emergency procedures all senior care service providers should know

Emergency Procedures

In this course, CareAcademy instructors stress the importance of action in immediate and emergency situations. Learn to manage allergic reactions, injuries, illnesses, dehydration, “wandering,” and other medical situations. Emergency care planning, prevention, and active, confident skills for non-medical care professionals.

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Prevent abuse and neglet with quality home care

Elder Abuse and Neglect

In this course, CareAcademy instructors explain the differences between types of elder abuse and teach identification and prevention. Become aware of the signs of emotional, physical, financial, and sexual mistreatment or abuse, as well as the identifiers of neglect. Protect patients from harm with trained quality home care.

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Coming soon to CareAcademy

Transporting an Older Adult

In this course, CareAcademy instructors review the importance of taking appropriate safety precautions when transporting seniors. Moving someone correctly requires appropriate care and consideration. Learn property techniques to prevent injury or accident for both the caregiver and older adult.

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