Why are Home Care Managers & Owners going CRAZY over CareAcademy?

Because CareAcademy’s new online training platform is saving them time and money!

“CareAcademy helps me get new caregivers up and running more quickly than ever before.It’s easy-to-use and caregivers complete classes on their smartphones.“

Wayne Gentry, Owner of Home Helpers London KY

“CareAcademy makes it easier and more efficient for home care owners to ensure caregivers are getting engaging classes and quality training. They provide phenomenal support to both agencies and caregivers.”

Ed Chuang, VP of Marketing at ClearCare

Training You Can Trust

Franchisors and independent agencies across the nation use CareAcademy to meet state training requirements and deliver client-specific training.

Training Caregivers Love

Getting caregivers to complete training on time is easy with CareAcademy because our classes are engaging, interesting, and memorable. Caregivers learn through scenario videos and interactive elements.

Technology That Works

We know many caregivers do not have a computer in the home, so our classes are designed to be taken on smart phones (the classes work great on tablets and computers too!)   

CareAcademy works with independent and franchised home care agencies.