Train Caregivers. Retain Caregivers.

Train Caregivers.
Retain Caregivers.

How To Get Started With CareAcademy

Step 1

Add Caregivers

Getting caregivers setup is fast and easy. Create their account with name, phone number, and email. We help caregivers set a password and login.

Step 2

Assign Classes

Use CareAcademy for initial, annual, or client-specific training. We have 60 one-hour classes on state-approved topics and state-specific curriculum.

Step 3

Track Progress

Training is automatically tracked in the CareAcademy Dashboard. Automatic reminders and notifications ensure caregivers compete training on time.

Step 4

Print Certificates

Each class ends with a 10-20 multiple-choice test. A score of 80% or better is required. Certificates are immediately available to you and your caregivers.

Step 5

Print Reports

Reporting in CareAcademy is fast and easy! We work with state compliance auditors across the nation to ensure reports are survey-ready.

Training You Can Trust

Franchisors and independent agencies across the nation use CareAcademy to meet state training requirements and deliver client-specific training.

Training Caregivers Love

Getting caregivers to complete training on time is easy with CareAcademy because our classes are engaging, interesting, and memorable. Caregivers learn through scenario videos and interactive elements.

Technology That Works

We know many caregivers do not have a computer in the home, so our classes are designed to be taken on smart phones (the classes work great on tablets and computers too!)   

CareAcademy works with independent and franchised home care agencies.

Meet state training requirements and reduce turnover.

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CareAcademy’s dashboard helps me get new caregivers up and running more quickly than ever before. Their online platform is easy to use and the caregivers can actually complete the courses on their smartphones.
Wayne Gentry

Owner, Home Helpers London, KY