Professional Caregivers can increase their job knowledge by 30% with CareAcademy training.

The latest in healthcare education coupled with engaging video-based classes.

Save up to 60% on training and certification costs.

Online learning reduces costs and puts caregivers to work faster.

Improve the Way You Learn. Improve the Way You Care.

  • Gain visibility and insights into caregiver training for each lesson so you can better manage your staff’s learning.
  • Get 24/7 support that includes email, text and telephone reminders to caregivers to ensure completion.
  • View caregivers’ qualifications and receive suggestions for classes for compliance and client needs.

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Short-form video-based lessons created by leading healthcare professionals provide ready access to the latest in healthcare education on any device, and our customer-first service model provides user-friendly support and encouragement to facilitate completion.

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