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3 Steps To A More Enthusiastic Caregiver - A Conversation with Jessica Nobles

What excites your caregivers to come to work every day? Are they your agency’s biggest fan?

Join the conversation on Wednesday, Feb. 2nd at 12 PM ET, with Jessica Nobles, Co-Founder, Home Care Ops, and Aaron Dun, SVP Marketing, CareAcademy, as they discuss the three simple steps to creating more enthusiastic caregivers.

Fans always stay to support their favorite teams - turning your caregivers into your biggest fans will increase retention and help with recruiting efforts. Join the conversation today - go team!

About our speakers
Aaron Dun
Aaron brings nearly 20 years of experience running marketing programs and developing Go To Market (GTM) strategy for high-growth venture-funded companies and publicly traded global organizations. He focuses on connecting marketing performance to sales achievement through transformational go-to-market strategies that create efficient scale. Under his leadership, his teams have created rapid growth, won numerous awards for GTM excellence, and created new market categories. Aaron is a frequent industry speaker and an Advisor to a number of technology companies including, helping the company launch its innovative recruitment optimization platform. He holds a BA from Hamilton College and earned his MBA with honors from Boston University.
Jessica Nobles
Co-Founder Home Care Ops
Jessica Nobles is the co-founder of Home Care Ops and creator of one of the largest network of Home Care Owners in the industry. With over a decade of Home Care leadership, she has worked her way up through every position from Caregiver, Operations Coordinator, Franchise Developer, and Agency Owner. Leveraging the knowledge and expertise she has developed while establishing and running a multi-million dollar In-Home Care agency across multiple states, Jessica is driven to empower home care owners to take control of their business, get their life back, and increase their revenue. As a nationally recognized speaker, industry, and thought leader, Jessica's proven formulas for team building, streamlined operations, and collaborative marketing is proven to generate recurring revenue and build generational success.

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