Welcome to the CAREer Path Initiative

Thank you for joining! Let’s help your direct care workers take the next step in their careers!

You have taken an important first step by joining this initiative. Your agency has committed to making a difference in the home care industry by offering your direct care staff the opportunity to earn college credits through the training your team already provides in order to deliver high-quality care in the home. We can’t thank you enough for elevating the hard work your direct care workers are doing each and every day. So what happens next?

This page has a number of resources for you to get started. You will find an intro video telling you more about the program, a link to join the launch webinar, details and tools to help you select members of your care team to join the program, and then get them signed up. We also have downloadable badges and social media posts you can use to showcase your participation.

Be sure to bookmark this page as an ongoing resource for you. The CareAcademy team will continue to update this page with new resources and tools that you can use to ensure that your care workers are taking full advantage of this program.

Thank you again for participating!

-Team CareAcademy

Getting Started: Video

 This short video will help introduce the program and the impact you are having in the market. 

The CAREer Path Initiative Webinar: Sign up!

Join us for a live webinar where we’ll go over the details of the program with the experts at SNHU. It will be followed by a live Q&A session, so be sure to come prepared with any questions you might have.

Can’t make it? Sign up and we’ll send you the recording!

Date: Tuesday, May 4th

Time: 1PM ET / 12PM CT / 10AM PT

Engaging your Direct Care Workers about the Initiative

Before enrolling your caregivers in this program, you’ll want to make sure it’s a good fit for everyone getting involved. Pursuing a college education is an extensive time and cost investment, so it’s your role as the agency providing college credit-eligible training to support them through the beginning stages of the process. The good news is that most of your team has already gotten started on the included classes as part of their regular training, so they are already well on their way!

To help you along, we’ve created a downloadable resource kit for you to reference. In this kit, you’ll find an email template to use to announce your participation in the initiative, a PDF overview to share with your direct care workers, a list of programs at SNHU, and more. 

Next Steps: Assigning Training to your Direct Care Workers

Over the next 24 hours, CareAcademy will notify you once the training is available in your agency’s dashboard. Once you receive an email from our Customer Success Team, log into your dashboard and look for the bundle titled “The CAREer Path Initiative.” This is what you’ll assign your caregivers who will be participating in the program. Want to see what classes are included? Download the class list here. Once you assign this bundle to your caregiver, we’ll send them an email letting them know you’ve signed them up. If you’re enrolling an existing caregiver, it’s likely they have already completed a number of classes in The CAREer Path Initiative training. Watch the video below to review what to look for if a class has been completed and how to waive it so that they do not have to complete it again.    

Get your Badges!

By doing your part to enable direct care workers to reach their fullest potential, CareAcademy truly believes your agency is one of the best places to work—and your agency should be proud. The badges below signal your participation in the program and can be displayed on your website, Facebook page, LinkedIn, and any other sites to attract top talent from people who are eager to expand their careers or get their start in home care.


Click here to download your agency’s Direct Care Worker Advocate badge for signing up to participate in The CAREer Path Initiative. We’ll also be sending it via email – so keep an eye on your inbox!
Once at least two of your caregivers engage with SNHU, we’ll email you your Direct Care Worker Champion badge to place on your website, Facebook, recruiting sites, and more!

Let’s get started.

Keep an eye on your inbox! We’ll be sending you this information via email so you can access it at any time. As a reminder, we will notify you when your CAREer Path Initiative bundle has been activated in CareAcademy.

Then, it’s time to start assigning it to your caregivers!  

Questions? Email careerpath@careacademy.com and a member of our team will get in touch with your shortly.

About The CAREer Path Initiative

A recent PHI study has indicated that as many as 7.4 Million new care workers will be needed by 2029 to meet the growing demand for care workers in home care. The CAREer Path Initiative seeks to bring together key industry participants to create an accelerated pathway to recruit new entrants to the direct care profession, provide ongoing career opportunities, and create meaningful industry growth. To support this effort, CareAcademy is committed to developing a credentialing ecosystem to enable direct care workers to earn college-level credits for their training completed within the CareAcademy platform. The company has partnered with SNHU as its first education partner enabling direct care workers to earn credits toward a degree from SNHU. This first-of-its-kind higher-education partnership opens up new doors for direct care workers to advance their career development by offering new educational pathways based on experience and learning.