Getting Started as a Home Health Aide

Frequently Asked Questions 

What is the Caregiver Recruitment program?

CareAcademy is looking to offer those left unemployed by COVID-19 as well as those seeking jobs in home care to complete the foundational training necessary to begin a career in home care. CareAcademy is an online education platform that delivers video-based classes and real world scenarios that walk through aspects of the caregiver experience. CareAcademy helps agencies recruit new caregivers into the home care industry to address the shortage of workers available to care for the aging population. After enrolling and completing this training, CareAcademy can match caregiver candidates with local agencies to accelerate the hiring process. While hiring is not guaranteed, our goal is to match agencies with candidates who have completed training to show strong interest in a role in home care.

Who’s eligible for this training?

If you’re a caring, compassionate person, with strong communication skills, who is looking to start a new career in the home care industry – this training is for you! No prior experience required.
(*This training program is only for candidates new to the home care industry. This training program is not available for caregivers/home health aides already working with CareAcademy partners.)

What is the cost for this training?

There is no cost, the training is FREE to all who sign up.

What will I be able to do with the initial training?

The 4-hour training can be used to start the employment process by letting home care agencies know you are interested in being employed as a home care worker and that you have a basic understanding of providing home care services in a post-pandemic America.

What are the benefits of the CareAcademy Home Care training?

The successful completion of the initial training demonstrates a basic knowledge in providing in-home care for older adults. Training topics will not have to be repeated upon hire with adequate documentation (certificates). 

How am I able to build on the training over my career?

CareAcademy believes home care jobs are critical healthcare professions of the future. By 2023, CareAcademy aims to upskill 1M people for home care jobs. We have created a way for both healthcare professionals and employers to view healthcare skills (including home care skills) and how someone can build these skills over time. First, a few definitions.

  1. Micro-certificate: Building a skill within a specific subject or specialty that can be used to advance your career.
  2. Certification: A credential and attestation that allows you to attain employment in a specific role such as the Certified Home Health Aide or Certified Nurse Aide.
What are the classes that are included as part of the training program?

CareAcademy Home Care Starter – 4 hour training 

  1. What Does It Mean To Be A Professional Caregiver?
  2. Working with an Aging Population
  3. Maintaining a Clean & Healthy Environment (Infection Control)
  4. Safety Precautions & Falls Prevention: Part 2
What do I need to show my employer? What do I need to save or document as evidence I’ve completed this training?

Certificates are essential documents which demonstrate what training you took, from whom, and the duration of the class. For evidence of successful completion of training, be sure to keep digital and / or hard copies of your training certificates. Email or have your prospective employer email if additional documentation and evidence of training is required.

How will my employer know that I took this training?

Your record of training will be permanently available on as will your certificates of completion for each class. Certificates are an important document to keep – digital or hard copy – as evidence of successful completion of training. If your employer has any questions about your training and the eligibility of your training, please contact CareAcademy at If your employer is already a customer of CareAcademy, they can request that your training be made or transferred to their company’s dashboard. 

You will also attain a physical certificate at the end of each class that can be printed to show to your employer. 

What does the matching process look like?

Upon completion of at least the initial training you will be added to a list of candidates. Candidates will then be matched with agencies based on the states they live in. The list will then be sent to agencies in the states of the candidates.
Please bear in mind that it is up to the agency to review your candidacy and decide to take the next steps with you based on their hiring process. Should they choose to move forward with you, they will lay out the next steps in their orientation and training programs.

How soon will I be matched with an agency?

The matching process is conducted on a rolling basis meaning the sooner you finish the minimum training the sooner you can be matched with agencies.

What if an agency doesn’t reach out to me or if there are no agencies close to my area?

It is ultimately up to the agency if they choose to reach out to you. However, as recognition of the work you put into taking the training, should you not hear from an agency, CareAcademy will send a letter of outreach for you to format, and a list of other agencies in the area to reach out to, in order to increase the chances of finding employment in the caregiving field.

What happens if I am hired?

The hiring and onboarding process will be prepared by the agency that hires you. Most likely you will undergo orientation and onboarding, as well as background checks and drug tests. Bear in mind they may request that you take additional training upon being hired to complete their processes.

I still have questions, how do I contact you?

You can reach out to us directly at and we will respond to you as soon as we can.

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