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Nope! You will only be billed after your 14-day trial if you continue using the platform. We’ll send an e-mail asking if you would like to upgrade near the end of the trial.

Your free trial contains all classes and features within the CareAcademy Essentials package. You can keep this package post-trial, or swtich to our Basic or Complete plan.

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Faster onboarding for new hires


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Seamless integration with leading back-office solutions

You can initiate a CareAcademy free trial directly from within your chosen system. But this integration does more than just start your trial - it creates a seamless connection between our platforms.

With these integrations:

You can easily track your caregivers' training progress directly from your back-office system.
You can swiftly enable and disable caregivers as needed. As caregivers turn over, the enabling and disabling feature ensures your resources are optimally used, all from the comfort of your back-office system.

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