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CareAcademy provides home care agencies with a best in class online education platform that delivers engaging video-based classes and real world scenarios that walk through aspects of the caregiver experience. Our mission is to help agencies and caregivers provide excellent care. We are proud to work with thousands of agencies, franchisors and caregivers nationwide to accomplish this goal everyday. We’ve removed all barriers and now train thousands of caregivers each month.

What is CareAcademy?


What Should I Know about the Campaign

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Candidates FAQ

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How long will this opportunity last? 
The classes and certifications will be made available for up to 10,000 candidates from July 7, 2020 to October 7, 2020, however, a record of your CareAcademy training and earned certificates will remain live on CareAcademy.com indefinitely. 

The first day you can start training will be on July 7, 2020, and the last day you may take training will be October 7, 2020. Certificates will be available indefinitely, but access to the training classes will expire by 12 am EST on October 7.

Who’s eligible for this training?
The first 10,000 candidates who enroll will be eligible to participate in this free training opportunity.

4-hour training: What will I be able to do with the initial 4 hours of training?
The 4-hour certification can be used to start the employment process by letting home care agencies know you are interested in being employed as a home care worker and that you have a basic understanding of providing home care services in a post-pandemic America.

16-hour training: What will I be able to do with the full 20 hours of training?
You can get to work faster by completing this training program since it equips you with the competencies necessary to enter a client’s home and begin work. The 20-hour certification makes a person employment-ready in several states and meets some but not all requirements in other states. This certification provides a strong foundation of knowledge and skills for the candidates which equip them to work effectively in home care for older adults. 

What are the benefits of the CareAcademy Home Care Starter 4-hour certification?
The successful completion of the initial 4 hours of training demonstrates a basic knowledge in providing in-home care for older adults. Training topics will not have to be repeated upon hire with adequate documentation (certificates). 

What are the benefits of a CareAcademy Home Care 20-hour program?
The successful completion of the full 20 hours of training demonstrates your aptitude and competency in providing in-home companionship & personal care for older adults. Training topics will not have to be repeated upon hire with adequate documentation (certificates).  Furthermore, as this curriculum meets and exceeds the requirements in several states, you will be hire-ready. For states where this curriculum meets some or most of the requirements, the onboarding process with a new home care agency employer will be easier thus facilitating and easing the onboarding process.

What are the benefits of a Home Health Aide 75-hour qualification?
This qualification is the federal minimum training requirement to work in Home Health Agencies; some states have additional, more robust requirements for Home Health Aides. The 75-hour Home Health Aide qualification is widely transferable between states who accept the federal standard. It enables a worker to be employed by Home Health Agencies who offer nursing and personal care for vulnerable individuals. 

How am I able to build on the training over my career?
CareAcademy believes home care jobs are critical healthcare professions of the future. By 2023, CareAcademy aims to upskill 1M people for home care jobs. We have created a way for both healthcare professionals and employers to view healthcare skills (including home care skills) and how someone can build these skills over time. First, a few definitions.

  1. Micro-certificate: Building a skill within a specific subject or specialty that can be used to advance your career.
  2. Certification: A credential and attestation that allows you to attain employment in a specific role such as the Certified Home Health Aide or Certified Nurse Aide.



What are the classes that are included as part of the two training programs? 
CareAcademy Home Care Starter

  1. CARE0100 - What Does It Mean To Be A Professional Caregiver?
  2. CARE0107 - Working with an Aging Population
  3. CARE0700 - Maintaining a Clean & Healthy Environment (Infection Control)
  4. CARE0706 - Overview of COVID-19

CareAcademy Home Care Hero

  1. CARE0103 - Communicating with Older Adults
  2. CARE0106 - Sexual Harassment Prevention
  3. CARE0113 - Professionalism: Communication, Problem Solving & Cultural Competency
  4. CARE0202 - Clients' Rights, HIPAA & Elder Abuse Prevention
  5. CARE0203 - Observation, Reporting & Documentation: Part 1
  6. CARE0204 - Observation, Reporting & Documentation: Part 2
  7. CARE0205 - Observation, Reporting & Documentation: Part 3
  8. CARE0300 - Assisting with Personal Care Through ADLs
  9. CARE0400 - Assisting with Independent Living Through IADLs
  10. CARE0403 - Overview of Transfers & Mobility Equipment
  11. CARE0600 - Overview of Nutrition & Food Preparation
  12. CARE0800 - Emergency Procedures
  13. CARE0802 - Safety Precautions & Falls Prevention: Part 1
  14. CARE0803 - Safety Precautions & Falls Prevention: Part 2
  15. CARE1000 - Light Housekeeping for Professional Caregivers
  16. CARE1200 - Introduction to Dementia Care

What do I need to show my employer? What do I need to save or document as evidence I’ve completed this training?
Certificates are essential documents which demonstrate what training you took, from whom, and the duration of the class. For evidence of successful completion of training, be sure to keep digital and / or hard copies of your training certificates.

Email hello@careacademy.com or have your prospective employer email hello@careacademy.com if additional documentation and evidence of training is required.

How will my employer know that I took this training?
Your record of training will be permanently available on CareAcademy.com as will your certificates of completion for each class. Certificates are an important document to keep - digital or hard copy - as evidence of successful completion of training. If your employer has any questions about your training and the eligibility of your training, please contact CareAcademy at hello@careacademy.com. If your employer is already a customer of CareAcademy, they can request that your training be made or transferred to their company’s dashboard. 

You will also attain a physical certificate at the end of each class that can be printed to show to your employer. 

I'm already a CNA and have been considering a transition to home care from facility-based care. What, if any, classes should I take to get a job in home care?

Many home care agencies like to and will employ CNAs. It's important to note that when working in home care, CNAs will have a different scope of practice and thus will not be able to use all of their skills. Still, their industry knowledge, experience, and expertise are valued in the home care industry. 

We recommend you take the first 4 hours of classes to orient yourself to the home care industry. Some of the content will be new and some will be a review or refresher to information you may already know. Once you've finished the first 4 hours, the agency-candidate matching program will commence, and you will have access to an additional 16 hours of great class content. Some states and/or agencies may require you to take all the training, but completing all 16 hours isn't necessary to get matched. CareAcademy recommends you review the list of 16 classes and choose those subject areas which will enhance your knowledge and make you more familiar with the home care setting. 

Employers FAQ

What is this 10,000 jobs campaign?
CareAcademy has partnered with Kairos and the HCAOA to offer those left unemployed by COVID-19 as well as those seeking jobs in home care to earn foundational training necessary for a career in home care. 

I would like to get access to direct care workers. Who should I contact?
In order to get access to direct care workers who have taken basic training, reach out to recruitment@careacademy.com. In some states, new caregivers may require additional training but may have finished significant portions of required training already. CareAcademy offers an HHA qualification program to help caregivers who may need to complete training with your agency and nurse instructor. 

What does the training that CareAcademy provides mean? 
The first four classes of CareAcademy’s initial 4 classes certificate and badge mean that the caregiver has an introductory and basic understanding of aging and professional eldercare. 

The additional 16 hours of training unlock part or all of initial training requirements in most states. If you’re unsure about your state requirements, email recruitment@careacademy.com.

Is everyone taking classes ready to work right away?
It depends on the state. In many states caregivers are ready for work with certificates from these training classes. These candidates new to home care may need hands-on mentorship and on-the-job orientation training to facilitate a career in home care. The classes we have provided are eligible towards initial state training requirements in most states which allows for direct care workers to provide in-home personal care and companionship. The requirements for Home Health Aide qualification training vary from state to state. However many or all of the classes we offer to the direct care workers enable for the building blocks of a home care career. 

Employers should still have candidates undergo their hiring process and procedures including agency-specific orientation to the job roles, responsibilities, and client population served.

I have caregivers that I would like to offer home health aide (HHA) qualification training, professional development, continuing education, and/or other state compliance training for caregivers. Do you have those options available? 
Yes! As an employer, you can evaluate our platform and tools for your business needs. Our sales team will help you find the right programs and resources to fit your needs. To consult with our sales team, you may schedule an appointment for a discussion and demo here: http://careacademy.com/demo or email us at sales@careacademy.com. 

You can also test out a free trial here: https://info.careacademy.com/en/free-trial-signup

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