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CareAcademy provides home care agencies with a best in class online education platform that delivers engaging video-based classes and real world scenarios that walk through aspects of the caregiver experience. Our mission is to help agencies and caregivers provide excellent care. We are proud to work with thousands of agencies, franchisors and caregivers nationwide to accomplish this goal everyday. We’ve removed all barriers and now train thousands of caregivers each month.

What is CareAcademy?


Once you complete this form you will be added to our waitlist for those interested in the opportunity to reskill workers to become HHAs . The CareAcademy team will reach out once we have candidates close to you. 

Join us to Combat the Caregiver Shortage

We're reskilling workers displaced by COVID into home care and matching them with home care agencies. That agency could be you!

Want to help combat the caregiver shortage? 

Home Care Agencies: 
Help us empower the next generation of home care workers

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CareAcademy has partnered with the Home Care Association of America to offer those left unemployed by COVID-19 as well as those seeking jobs in home care to earn foundational training necessary for a career in home care. 

We have a shortage of direct care workers, this is the opportunity to bring in eager, ambitious individuals into healthcare.

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The individuals participating in this program began their educational journey independently. They're motivated learners with compassion who are ready to make a fresh start in a healthcare career.  Through our Future of Work program these learners have already completed between 4 - 16 hours of high-quality caregiver training classes in topic areas like personal care, ADLs/IADLs and more.

However, to become a Home Health Aide (HHA) and be fully reskilled to work in the Home Care industry, your agency will be provided with an exclusive opportunity to leverage CareAcademy's blended (online and instructor-led) HHA Certification program.  Sign up today and our team will give you a demonstration of our HHA training program so you can start getting matched. 

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