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CareAcademy is a leading caregiver training platform that helps home care agency owners save time and money on caregiver recruiting, retention, training, and onboarding processes.

Features of CareAcademy Training

Train, Onboard, and Retain Caregivers

Training new caregivers in-person is a time consuming process. Save time with online training that is automatically tracked in the platform. 90% of caregivers complete CareAcademy trainings, which speaks to the engaging content that will help you engage and retain great caregivers at your agency.

Managers can quickly see each caregivers progress and generate compliance reports. CareAcademy tracks online and in-person training.

Easily Meet State Training Requirements

Automatically enroll caregivers into mobile-friendly online courses that meet your state’s compliance requirements. Easily keep track of due dates, class completion progress, and state compliance requirements. Managers can also assign classes by client-specific needs and download compliance reports for audits.

Right Way/Wrong Way” Videos Teach Caregivers Person-Centered Care

CareAcademy’s real life video scenarios teach customer service and person-centered care.

Caregivers learn how to handle difficult behaviors gracefully and are also shown “what not to do”.

Automate Training & Documentation

Streamline the training and onboarding process for caregivers. CareAcademy sends automated reminders to caregivers to complete classes, documents all completed classes (including in-person classes), and allows bulk messaging options. CareAcademy’s customer success team handles all inquiries, taking the bulk of the onboarding process off of your shoulders.

Managers can quickly retrieve certificates of completion by caregiver, date range, or for your entire care team!

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