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 Aired: Wednesday May 25, 2022 
Time: 1 pm ET
Duration: 1 Hour

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About Our Speaker

CareAcademy Current Course Spotlight: A Conversation with Michelle Hochberg, Content & Production Director, CareAcademy  

Get a sneak-peek into some of our current course offerings. Watch a preview of the course videos and learn more about the specific course content. 

Join CareAcademy's own Michelle Hochberg, Content and Production Director, on May 25th at 1 PM ET as she gives a preview of two current course listings: 

- Addressing Agitation & Aggression in Dementia
- Overview of HIV/AIDS

Both courses have videos with English closed captions and Spanish subtitles.  


Michelle Hochberg 

Content and Production Director

 Michelle oversees content development and production of the CareAcademy class library. She is passionate about developing top-notch educational products and solutions that engage learners and address their training needs. Michelle has held a number of specialized roles in educational and academic publishing and technology, including having worked for Ascend Learning, DeGruyter, and Pearson Education. Prior to joining CareAcademy, she managed product development for Recert, an online continuing education service for prehospital care providers. Michelle earned her undergraduate degree in drama from Tufts University.