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 Aired: Tuesday, May 17, 2022 
Time: 1 pm ET
Duration: 1 Hour

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About Our Speaker

A Loving Approach To Dementia Care: A Conversation with Laura Wayman, The Dementia Whisperer 

Join CareAcademy on May 17th at 1 PM ET with Laura Wayman, The Dementia Whisperer, as she discusses constructive action to help agencies and their staff better cope with caring for clients with dementia. 

Laura will provide the tools and inspiration to fight a battle where loss is not the inevitable outcome.

When you reserve your seat, you will automatically be entered for the chance to win an autographed copy of Laura Wayman's book, "A Loving Approach To Dementia Care." One winner will be chosen and will be notified after the webinar takes place on May 17th.   


Laura Wayman  

The Dementia Whisperer 

 Laura Wayman's mission as “The Dementia Whisperer” and as an internationally recognized dementia care expert, consultant, educator, and author is to change the world in how all dementia and cognitive care services are provided to those who suffer from various causes of dementia symptoms and cognitive loss. 

Laura wants to give meaning and purpose to those diagnosed with dementia or cognitive impairment—as well as give caregivers and families peace of mind and help them understand that there is enhanced quality of life for, as well as improved quality of relationships with those who experience dementia symptoms.

By practicing and putting to use all of Laura’s examples of affirming responses and raised dementia awareness tips and strategies, care providers will better understand the dementia world, and guide their feelings to more of a cooperative and positive outcome. Learning to do so in a relaxed, confident, and calm manner will assist the emotional understanding necessary to solve behavioral challenges that can come up on a daily basis when dealing with the different causes of dementia symptoms.

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