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 Aired: Tuesday June 7, 2022 
Time: 1 pm ET
Duration: 1 Hour

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About Our Speakers 

The CareAcademy Difference: A Conversation with A Place At Home and Visiting Angels On Why Their Agencies Switched To CareAcademy  

Curious what CareAcademy can do for your agency?  Learn first-hand the difference the CareAcademy platform has made for our customers Aubre Phillips, A Place At Home, and Tracy Steuckrath, Visiting Angels!

Join us on June 7th at 1 PM ET with Aubre and Tracy, as they discuss why their agencies chose the CareAcademy learning platform, and the positive impact it's made for their agencies and their caregivers.  



Tracy Steuckrath 

Visiting Angels 

Tracy has been working in caregiving since she started caring for a friend with brain cancer in 2016. She moved to Sacramento in 2018 and began working for Visiting Angels as the Client Care Manager and was later promoted to Director of Communications.  Her background in journalism and nonprofits makes her a great match for the caregiving industry.  Tracy is a native of Southern California and is Oma to her grandson, Jayden, and mom to Kamal. Tracy also volunteers with foster youth in Sacramento and serves as a Legislative Ambassador for the American Cancer Society’s Cancer Action Network. 

Aubre Phillips 

A Place At Home 

Aubre Phillips is the Franchise Business Coach at A Place At Home Franchise.
She works with new and mid-level business owners to help them navigate the senior care space to best serve their clients, employees, and communities.
Aubre is passionate about people and discovering what drives their behaviors and motivations.   

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