{Exclusive Franchise} & CareAcademy

CareAcademy is an online training platform used to increase caregiver knowledge and improve the overall quality of care your agency provides to your clients. With over 200 state-approved classes, our bite-sized, scenario-based training will keep your caregivers engaged with best-in-class educational content.  

Every {Franchise} agency will have a customized experience for administrators and the caregivers they employ.

{Name Franchisees} Franchisees Receive X% Off CareAcademy!

Welcome to your CareAcademy + {FRANCHISE} Partner Hub. As part of this network, you’ll find exclusive CareAcademy offers available only to XX franchise owners, upcoming training sessions, product updates, webinars, and more. 

CareAcademy is your online caregiver training platform chosen by {FRANCHISE}. As part of your offer, your agency receives XX% off of your package along with your first 25 caregivers for free. Additional caregivers after your first 25 are $XX per user.   

Activating CareAcademy is simple. Sign up below to get started. 

Included in your Partnership:

  • Direct integration with AxisCare: Caregivers added into AxisCare can be automatically synced to CareAcademy for a one-stop-shop approach to managing your team

  • Compliant in all 50 states: Assign your caregivers training that automatically meets your state’s training requirements—in just a few clicks!

  • Online training from anywhere: Caregivers can conveniently complete their training online, at their own pace, and from any mobile device, tablet, or desktop

  • Client-specific training: Certify and train your caregivers with specialized certifications to meet the needs of each individual client

  • Caregiver management tools: Track caregiver training progress with dashboard insights, send system-generated completion reminders, and view audit-ready reports on your agency’s custom dashboard