6 Essential Parts of a Home Care Marketing Kit

Having a marketing kit is critical for home care agencies. A well-constructed marketing kit helps introduce your agency to potential customers in a way that addresses their needs and presents your services as the solution. In the case of home care agencies, a key part of building your marketing packet is explaining the scope of services your agency offers, and answering common questions. 

Read on to learn what should be in your home care agency marketing kit below.

A Difference Message

A compelling marketing kit not only answers your potential customers’ questions about the “what” of your services, but highlights what sets your agency apart from the competition: your “why.” Renowned author Simon Sinek argues that people buy from companies they can relate to. By starting with your why--your company’s story and what you believe in--you’ll be able to draw potential customers into the how, and the what to close the deal.


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Include your agency’s origin story, what your company and caregivers value, and how your services outshine the competition following in your “difference” section.

Overview of Services

Once you have set the tone for the “why” of your home care agency, your marketing kit should lead your potential clients through the “how” and “what” of accessing home care services through your agency. Be sure to include information on the kind of service packages you offer, as well as specifically itemized services. Be sure to clearly explain what you do, and orient your clients to what home care can encompass.


Example from Synergy Home Care

Frequently Asked Questions

Not everyone exploring your home care agency will have a comprehensive idea of all of the types of care and support home care agencies can provide. Your marketing kit is a great opportunity to assuage stress and educate potential clients and family supporters about what they should expect from working with your agency.

Remember: families and individual clients engaging home care services are often in a stressful period of transition, and are entrusting a vulnerable member of their family or themselves into your care. Your FAQ section is an opportunity to build trust with potential customers.


Be sure to give an overview of how you structure the financial aspect of your business. Can your clients expect to purchase packages from you? Do you structure payments on a retainer model? Do you offer different pricing tiers for different levels of skilled care?

This section doesn’t need to include actual dollar values, particularly if you offer bespoke or variable plans, but should offer potential clients a sense of how you typically bill. 


Once you’ve oriented your clients to your why, how, and what, your marketing kit should back it up with evidence in the form of testimonials. Case studies, customer stories, and testimonials offer powerful persuasive stories in which your potential clients can see themselves reflected. 

Testimonials can also come from your caregivers, sharing why they believe in the work they do and speaking to the distance they see home care making in current clients’ lives. Both caregiver and client testimonials help to humanize your services and caregivers to build necessary trust.

Clear Call-to-Action

Now that you’ve illustrated a compelling story that speaks to your potential clients’ needs by communicating your why, how, and what, you’re ready to seal the deal. Be sure to include a clear call-to-action in your marketing packet which tells your clients:

1) What the next step is

Set up a free consultation? Select the pricing tier that works for them? Review your services in-depth? 

2) How to take it

Should they call your office? Send an email? Complete a contact for digital marketing packets?

Creating a compelling marketing packet is an important part of introducing your agency to new clients. Be sure to include these six critical elements to convert your audience from prospects to loyal customers. Want more support finding clients for your home care agency? We’ve got you covered with 11 more innovative ideas here.

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