Education Pathways for Caregivers:
An Untapped Opportunity for Employers

For this first-of-its-kind research, CareAcademy surveyed 1,500 professional direct care workers to learn more about the educational aspirations of the professional caregiver.  

With education fast becoming a true healthcare intervention, the key findings in this report provide agency operators with deep insight into what motivates their care team. The report details a clear roadmap for agencies to better engage their direct care staff and create upskilling pathways and boost caregiver retention.

The signals in the data are clear: Agencies that offer support for the pursuit of ongoing education will have a competitive advantage in the industry. 85% of respondents indicated they would be more likely to stay with an agency that offered this support. And further, 94% of caregivers say access to further education is an important consideration in accepting a job offer

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Caregiver Aspirations Report Cover

The delivery of high-quality care at home is under incredible pressure. A rapidly aging population, a global pandemic fueling unprecedented demand for care in the home, and a hiring crisis like none the industry has ever seen before have all hit at the same time.

As part of CareAcademy’s mission to support the caregiving profession, we sought to understand more about how this immense pressure has impacted the professional caregiver themselves. Access the full report to get an inside look at the education aspirations of the professional Direct Care worker. 


Payback Calculator

CareAcademy has created a simple calculator to better understand the breakeven point and ROI opportunity on tuition reimbursement. This decision tool enables agency administrators to set an appropriate reimbursement amount, as well as set employee agreements to ensure employees will stay long enough for employers to break even on their investment.


Achieve College credit for ongoing training

This first-of-its-kind higher-education partnership opens new doors for direct care workers to advance their careers by offering new educational pathways enabled via CareAcademy’s platform.

The CAREer Path Initiative is an all-encompassing program designed to address critical industry constraints and attract more workers into the profession. In addition to helping to accelerate new entrants to the field, the program will extend college credit from Southern New Hampshire University (SNHU) to direct care workers as they complete professional training within the CareAcademy platform for no additional charge.


Join the study’s author Jessica Jones, CareAcademy’s Care Experience Outcomes Manager, on Wednesday, December 8th at 1 p.m. ET for a free webinar as she discusses the results of the caregiver survey and how agencies can leverage the results to support their caregiver recruiting and retention strategies. 

From the survey respondents

From the survey respondents

From the survey respondents

Key Takeaways

85% of caregivers say they’re more likely to stay with their current employer if offered resources to further their education
94% of caregivers say access to further education is an important consideration in accepting a job offer
Despite caregivers’ overwhelming interest, 75% of caregivers say their employer has never talked with them about ongoing education or training

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