The State of Home Care Training 2023 Survey Report

Presented by CareAcademy and Home Health Care News

Results show the views of 97 professionals who identify as working for organizations that provide home-based care, the majority of whom are C-suite leaders, directors or VPs, and provide an executive perspective on how their organizations are approaching training.

The survey, conducted online, asked about how companies of all sizes are:

Using training to overcome recruitment and retention challenges

Investing in training programs and platforms

Improving care quality and customer satisfaction through training

Key Takeaways

Does your organization currently use a training platform?

Home-based care providers are utilizing training platforms to combat staffing challenges

Approximately 63% of respondent organizations currently use a training platform, 59% of which believe it has made an impact on recruitment, and 70% of which also believe it has made an impact on retention.

Which best describes your organization’s approach to training?

Organizations are outsourcing more of their training.

Half of respondents indicated that their organization approaches training with a combination of an online training provider, third-party staff and in-house staff, and only 20% have dedicated training staff in-house.
There is undeniable value in home-based care training for staff and care recipients alike

Regulatory compliance and reporting, improving care quality, and meeting specific care needs are the top 3 benefits a training program can provide, according to survey participants

Additionally, nearly half of respondents believe the home-based care workforce sees training as an opportunity to develop new skills that can help them perform their duties more effectively, and nearly half of organizations are incentivizing their staff to pursue it.

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