WellSky Personal Care customers: schedule time to talk to a training consultant

With the CareAcademy + WellSky Personal Care integration, agencies can seamlessly pass caregiver training information between the two systems. Activate and manage caregiver access from WellSky Personal Care and easily curate caregiver training through the CareAcademy platform.
CareAcademy + WellSky Personal Care Customers

Talk with a CareAcademy training consultant about CareAcademy + WellSky Personal Care

How it works

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Manage caregivers in Wellsky Personal Care

Select caregivers and assign training without leaving WellSky Personal Care. From the caregiver’s profile page in WellSky Personal Care, administrators can access CareAcademy training summaries with one click.

Onboard effectively

When an applicant is converted to a caregiver in WellSky Personal Care, the administrator is prompted to activate CareAcademy access for the new caregiver. See caregiver CareAcademy status in the Caregiver Profile and activate or deactivate in a click.

Easy for admins

See CareAcademy status for all caregivers in a single view on the Caregiver tab. Easily search for caregivers, change status for caregivers, or update CareAcademy activation status.
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