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  • "The future of health care depends on our ability to be adaptable, especially in such turbulent times, and along with our stellar Education and Recruitment teams we now have a new tool in our tool belt to be even more successful."
    Anthony Dawson, VP, Quality and Customer Experience, VNS Health
  • “The success of this new online training program expands our ability to attract and retain some of the best talent out there and to take care of our consumers now and in the future.”
    James Rolla, SVP, Partners in Care
  • “This platform gives staff the tools to know exactly what education they need to complete. If for some reason they fall behind on their courses, it’s very easy for us to identify. Then, it’s just a quick communication to that individual. CareAcademy automated this process, saving us a ton of time and reducing the potential risk of human error.”
    Chris Greene, Owner, Touching Hearts at Home, Westminster & Fort Collins, CO
Of administration time saved
Faster onboarding for new hires
More class completions vs in-person training

Stay compliant with ease

Our platform makes it easy to stay compliant with state and federal regulations with convenient features like:
  • Auto-assignment of classes based on state requirements
  • View staff members’ training progress in one place
  • Send automatic reminders about courses to maintain a high completion rate
  • Edit curriculum as much as you want

Meet staffing needs with skill expansion

Invest in your staff while boosting quality of care with the ability to:
  • Assign individual classes to a staff member so you can prepare them for specific clients
  • Bulk assign groups of classes to staff members who need to relearn a skill


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