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This video is from a class called Managing Relocation Stress in Facility-Based Care Settings CARE9002. Easy to learn, easy to understand!

Our video-based classes enable your facility's care staff to deliver the best possible care. Some of our other classes include: 

CARE0109 - Introduction to Long-Term Care 
CARE9001 - Foundations for DCWs in Facility-Based Care Settings
CARE9002 - Managing Relocation Stress in Facility-Based Care Settings

An easier way to manage training

Give your employees self-service access to the training they need. From initial onboarding to annual skills refreshers, CareAcademy’s custom course modules let you assign training and monitor progress from one central location.

  • "We have absolutely enjoyed CareAcademy, not only for our staff, but also as a registered nurse and administrator myself and owner of an RAL. You're able to get CEUs as an administrator that are awesome. You can get tons of education for your staff, and that's ultimately what we need to do — we have to meet the laws that the state requires for us to be in residential assisted living, and we're able to do that with CareAcademy."
    Katie Hartman, Administrator/Director of Nursing, The Harbor Senior Care, Omaha, NE
  • “The success of this new online training program expands our ability to attract and retain some of the best talent out there and to take care of our consumers now and in the future.”
    James Rolla, SVP, Partners in Care
  • “This platform gives staff the tools to know exactly what education they need to complete. If for some reason they fall behind on their courses, it’s very easy for us to identify. Then, it’s just a quick communication to that individual. CareAcademy automated this process, saving us a ton of time and reducing the potential risk of human error.”
    Chris Greene, Owner, Touching Hearts at Home, Westminster & Fort Collins, CO
Of administration time saved
Faster onboarding for new hires
More class completions vs in-person training

Count on worry-free compliance

  • Auto-assign classes based on state and federal requirements
  • View and print completion reports and certificates
  • Schedule automatic course reminders
  • Customize curriculum as much as you want
  • Define different education tracks for medical and non-medical caregivers

Invest in your assisted living facility caregivers

  • Assign individual classes to staff members to prepare them for specific clients
  • Bulk assign groups of classes to staff members who need to relearn a skill
  • Respond to caregivers’ messages from within the CareAcademy portal
  • Let ambitious employees pursue specialty training
  • Convert completed CareAcademy training into college credits for caregivers
  • Assign self-care and stress management courses to prevent burnout
  • Support agency administrators with leadership training and webinars

How training improves the resident experience

  • “Soft skills” courses improve person-centered care
  • Meal-planning curriculum enhances residential dining options
  • Infection-control courses help prevent illness
  • Skills-support classes help caregivers empower residents’ self-care
  • Condition-specific training helps with individualized care plans

Frequently Asked Questions

Are CareAcademy courses in English only?

CareAcademy’s videos are in English, but many also have optional subtitles (in English, Spanish, Hindi, Korean, Russian, and Vietnamese).

Does CareAcademy offer memory care certification?
We have a range of courses that cover topics related to dementia and Alzheimer’s, and we offer certifications in dementia care, Parkinson’s disease care, and end-of-life care.
What technology do caregivers need to complete their training?
CareAcademy’s training content is cloud-based, meaning it’s accessible from anywhere, as long as you have an internet connection. You can even use your smartphone to view trainings and perform administrative tasks.
Is there a limit on the number of caregivers who can use CareAcademy?

All CareAcademy plans include 25 seats for caregivers, and you can purchase more seats if needed.

Can I upload my own training content in CareAcademy?

Assisted living facilities with CareAcademy’s “Complete” plan may upload their own training content.

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