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Complement your staff’s foundational training and maintain critical caregiving skills over time with CareAcademy PowerPacks. This isn't just a refresher—it's the gold standard in continuous learning.
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Sharpen direct care skills through bite-size learning

CareAcademy PowerPacks are crafted to level up your care providers. Sharpen skills, ensure consistent care, and boost caregiver confidence with our elite collection of short video bundles curated for focused, timely learning.

Empower, elevate and excel

  • Boost Knowledge Retention: Equip your staff with pre-shift refresher videos, ensuring direct care workers have the most relevant skills top-of-mind.
  • Enable Continuous Skill Development: Go beyond compliance and foster professional development all year round to provide each client with consistent, high-quality care.
  • Improve Focus: Access the short-but-powerful video bundles exactly when they’re needed, leading to higher engagement.
  • Increase Confidence: Address gaps in foundational knowledge in 85 skill areas, supporting skill mastery and application in real-world scenarios.

Level up your direct care staff

CareAcademy PowerPacks feature:

  • Varied & Detailed Content: In-depth knowledge in manageable chunks spanning 85 skill areas
  • Universal Applicability: Care setting-agnostic language and settings
  • Moment Learning: 3-5 minute videos for accessible learning on-demand

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this content for?

CareAcademy PowerPacks are appropriate for direct care workers working in home care, home health, skilled nursing facility, assisted living facility, or senior living settings.

Do CareAcademy PowerPacks have an additional cost?
CareAcademy PowerPacks are available on a per-seat basis (starting at 10 users) as an add-on to any CareAcademy package. See our pricing page for details.

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