CareAcademy is featured by Home Health Care News in this article describing how the HCAOA is now supporting CareAcademy’s newest program aimed at reskilling 1M New Caregivers by 2023
This article brings to light CareAcademy’s recent project, The Future of Work Campaign, where the company is working to help transition workers into home health aide jobs. From the article: “Just one month after its original launch with venture capital company Kairos HQ, CareAcademy has expanded its caregiver job placement and training initiative.”
CareAcademy is a Boston-based training platform for home care professionals. The company currently serves roughly 1,000 home care clients and locations. The company’s ‘Future of Work is Home Care’ program aims to reskill 1 million new workers for the home care industry by 2023.
‘The Future of Work is Home Care is really coming out of the necessity that we’re seeing born out of this moment and COVID-19,’ Helen Adeosun, CareAcademy’s founder and CEO, told Home Health Care News. ‘We’re seeing the economy has left a lot of people unemployed and waiting for opportunities.’ ”


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