Top 10 Things You Need to Know About the CareAcademy + ClearCare Partnership

CareAcademy announced our integration partnership with ClearCare a few months ago. The opportunity provides yet another way for both ClearCare and CareAcademy customers to spend less time doing administrative work, and more time on the work that truly matters for caregivers and clients. 

Over 1200 agencies signed up to attend this webinar and we simply could not get to all of your questions. We’ve created a blog post that answers your most pressing questions about what our partnership will mean for your agency.

Here are the 10 most frequently asked questions:

1. Do CareAcademy’s classes work on smartphones?

Yes, CareAcademy’s classes work on all mobile devices, smartphones, as well as computers. There is no need to download any special software. Caregivers can log in directly from the text or email they receive when invited to the system and take training immediately.

2. What does the integration between CareAcademy and ClearCare mean?

An integration between our software platforms means operational efficiencies for home care agency owners that use both systems. A first version of the integration is set to be available in 2020.

3. Are CareAcademy and ClearCare merging or becoming part of the same company?

No, we’re partnering with ClearCare to offer an integration that helps both platforms work together, but our companies are wholly separate.

4. What will the first version of the integration between CareAcademy and ClearCare entail?

The first version of the integration will include several important milestones that lay the groundwork for more complex features in the future. To lay a proper foundation between the two systems, CareAcademy and ClearCare will first create secure connections, make it easy to self-register for CareAcademy, and set up Single Sign-On (SSO). SSO means that when a caregiver logs into one platform, they’ll be able to log in to the other without having to re-enter their credentials.

5. Will other features using the integration be available, such as:

  • Automatically add/remove caregivers in CareAcademy when they are added/removed from ClearCare.
  • When a caregiver has not completed state-mandated training, show an alert within ClearCare and prevent the caregiver from being scheduled.
  • Assign client-specific training to a caregiver within a client's ClearCare profile.
  • Automate paying caregivers for time spent training.
  • Make caregiver training credentials available in ClearCare to help match caregivers to clients.
  • Display training credentials in the caregiver’s profile when applying to an agency.

All of these features may become available in the future depending on our customers' needs. However, to build any of these features, we first need to lay the foundational pieces of technology: secure connections, self-registration to CareAcademy, and Single Sign-On (SSO).

6. Does CareAcademy make it easy for our agency to meet our state training requirements?

Yes, CareAcademy is the only online caregiver training system available that automatically assigns training to your caregivers based on your state requirements, and will warn your account administrator if you change the automated assignments in a way that will put your agency out of training compliance.

CareAcademy currently meets continuing education requirements in the USA for all non-medical caregivers, HHAs, and CNAs. Please note, there are some states that do not allow continuing education to be completed online. Additionally, in most states, CareAcademy can help your team meet its orientation or initial training requirements.

For more information about how CareAcademy can help you meet your state requirements, go to our state map:

If you have further questions about your state requirements, please contact a CareAcademy Training Consultant: (866) 227-3895 Ext 3 for Sales or [email protected].

7. Does CareAcademy automatically remind our caregivers to complete training by their state due date? How do they get their certificates of completion?

Yes, CareAcademy’s platform sends Smart-Reminders (via text and email) to your caregivers to make sure they complete their training on time. This is one of the reasons that CareAcademy has a 90% class completion rate.

After caregivers successfully complete a class, they’ll always have access to their certificate of completion, which they can keep in their CareAcademy account and/or print at their discretion.8. How does CareAcademy’s product impact the biggest issue in the senior care industry, retention?

In a pilot study with Sodexo’s Comfort Keepers, CareAcademy increased new caregiver onboarding speed by 60%. Home Care Pulse’s Benchmark study from 2018 showed that the highest risk of employee turnover is in the first 90 days of employment. Since CareAcademy customers are able to reduce onboarding time so dramatically, agency owners and operators can spend more one-on-one time with new employees and other measures that continue to reduce turnover.

9. Can CareAcademy’s classes be used for pre-employment training or screening?

Yes, as a CareAcademy customer, you will have access to add caregivers at your discretion and they’ll automatically receive your state-required training. If your state doesn’t have initial training requirements, they’ll be given access to our CareAcademy Certification curriculum for caregivers.

10. How does pricing work? How do I get started using CareAcademy?

You can get started using CareAcademy for FREE today! CareAcademy offers a FREE trial for up to 5 unique active users and it’s available here:

If your agency has more than 50 employees, talk with a CareAcademy Training Consultant at: (866) 227-3895 Ext 3 for Sales or [email protected], or schedule an appointment to speak with us at your convenience:

Use the coupon code, “CLEARCARE” and you’ll get set up for FREE ($499 value!).

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