CareAcademy Discovers Opportunity to Retrain and Reskill Workers from Out of this World!

CareAcademy is now training extraterrestrials to serve the aging population!

As the caregiver shortage continues to increase, CareAcademy has looked for many creative ways to recruit workers into the home care industry—including options in galaxies far, far away.

The marketing team has been hard at work building resources to acquire alien caregiver interest and delivering content to them by spinning around in tin foil hats in local crop circles and sharing numerous posts to SpaceBook.

While it’s been said that CareAcademy training has always been out of this world, it now comes in 5,000+ extraterrestrial languages (and with subtitles as well!) to accommodate the new caregiver population.

The CareAcademy outcomes team has been conducting research to show that extraterrestrials provide the same level of care as humans when it comes to client outcomes. Based on their studies, they’ve found that extraterrestrials provide care that actually goes to infinity...and beyond.

In a recent survey sent to home care agency admins, results showed that they would hire caregivers from anywhere - even if they were green.

We spoke to some famous aliens about what they thought about becoming caregivers and here’s what they had to say:

“Ohana means family, and family means nobody gets left behind or forgotten.”

- Stitch from Lilo & Stitch 

 “As much as I wanted to go back to my home world, I decided to stay put to help the aging population right here on Earth.”

- E.T. 

“So grateful to help elders I am. So important training is.. “

- Baby Yoda

We also spoke to a former employee of the MIB:

“I spent my entire life trying to exterminate aliens, and now I’m so grateful they will one day be my caretakers.”

- Will Smith, MIB 

We at CareAcademy want to wish you a happy April Fool’s Day! If you liked this April Fools Joke, let us know!

But no, really, our training content is out of this world, check it out for yourself by starting a free trial today!

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