Create leaders across your organization with Soft Skills training

Develop your staff members and boost employee retention at every level with dedicated soft skills training. “People skills” such as communication, flexibility, work ethic, and time management make the difference between a good employee and a great employee.
Supercharge Your Training
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Easily assign courses, track completions, and run reports

within CareAcademy’s administrator platform

Classes are applicable to any role

and ideal for administrators, supervisors, team leaders, sales and marketing teams, customer service teams, and other office staff

Formatted as self-paced video-based classes

with multiple-choice questions, plus additional resources and worksheets

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Improve office staff performance with Leadership and Communication skill development

CareAcademy offers online, video-based leadership and communication training for office staff, administrators, or any staff member in the same easy-to-use training platform your caregivers enjoy.

Sharpen management skills and train high performers for leadership roles such as caregiver mentors, care coordinators, care supervisors, schedulers, and more with courses on dynamic leadership and impactful communication.

Classes cover a broad range of relevant topics, including:

Courses Included
Key Leadership Qualities
Creating Buy-In
Effective Meetings
Developing Trust
Communicating "Why"
Keys To Successful Emails
How To Be Assertive
Effective Listening
Healthy Conflict
Setting Proper Expectations
Supercharge your leadership
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