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Ways Technology Can Supplement (AND ENABLE) Your Recruiting & Retention Strategies

Modern recruitment requires strategy and technology. 

Businesses that operate without the two can find themselves lagging. It is in the concoction of the two that companies can find and keep great talent that provides exceptional care. 

In this webinar, we talk about how agencies can use the technology that's readily available to improve their recruitment and retention practices.

About our speakers
Ashwin Choithramani
Sr. Demand Generation Manager, CareAcademy
Ashwin is the Sr. Demand Generation Manager at CareAcademy. Ashwin has spent much of his professional career working in marketing & revenue operations. Ashwin holds a degree in Psychology and an MSc in Marketing. Before CareAcademy, he worked as a recruitment marketer for Jobletics, an app-based staffing solution for the food service industry. He also worked at a marketing agency where he worked on recruitment marketing for a rideshare company that served children, teens, and senior dependents. He joined the CareAcademy team in 2020. As well as digital demand creation, Ashwin is passionate about soccer, mainly through hours of playing with tactics and data on football manager simulations. He is also a lifelong Arsenal fan!
Adam White
Director of Solutions Management, WellSky
Adam White is the Director of Solutions Management for WellSky Personal Care where he leads the strategy and delivery for WellSky Personal Care Interoperability and partnerships. Adam has spent over a decade in the healthcare IT industry with a focus on interoperability and ecosystem relationships. He has a passion for solving healthcare challenges and creating opportunities to streamline workflows for better patient and provider outcomes. Adam, a true technologist has worked with over 200+ healthcare IT companies in diverse settings of healthcare and leads with a lens of end user value creation followed by an efficient and scalable technological mindset.

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