CareAcademy’s Specialized Certifications

CareAcademy’s Specialized Certifications are competency-based training programs used to build functional skills in specific areas of elderly care. These CareAcademy-recommended certifications create opportunities for direct care workers to improve their proficiency and ability to provide expert-level, quality care.

CareAcademy Offers Eight Specialized Certifications:

CareAcademy offers two levels of certifications: Basic and Advanced.

There are two Basic Specialized Certifications currently available in the Professional and Business packages. Six additional Advanced Specialized Certifications are available in the Business Package. 

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Meet demands for client-specific needs with trained caregivers with specialized skills 

Improve the quality of client care with increased training

Support direct care worker career growth and upskilling opportunities


Basic certifications are included in CareAcademy’s Professional and Business packages.

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COVID-19 Care Certification 

Learn how to provide safe client care during the coronavirus pandemic. Become familiar with COVID protocols and PPE that they may not routinely wear, and refresh on critical infection control practices

Safety and Falls Prevention Certification

This certification provides caregivers with the knowledge and skills needed to help prevent falls and keep older adults safe in and around their homes. It includes specific prevention considerations for older adults living with dementia.


Advanced certifications are included in CareAcademy’s Business package.

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Dementia Care Certification

Reviewed and recognized by the Alzheimer’s Association, this competency-based training curriculum is for direct care workers who provide care to older adults living with dementia. From the fundamentals of dementia to best practices for supporting older adults living with dementia with activities of daily living, this certification offers a complete educational solution to equip care workers with the skills needed to provide optimal care to older adults living with dementia.

Diabetes Care Certification

Caregivers learn the skills needed to provide optimal care to older adults living with diabetes. This certification includes knowledge about the disease process, nutrition/diet, and exercise considerations.

Stroke Recovery Care Certification

This certification provides the skills needed to offer optimal care to older adults who have suffered and/or are recovering from a stroke. Class content includes activities of daily living, diet/nutrition, and exercise considerations.

Parkinson’s Disease Care Certification

This certification equips caregivers with the knowledge and skills to provide optimal care to older adults living with Parkinson’s disease, including Parkinson’s disease dementia.

Respiratory Condition Care Certification

Completing this certification will provide the knowledge and skills to care for clients with common respiratory diseases and conditions. Topics include assisting clients with performing ADLs, medications, and safety considerations, as well as observation and reporting considerations.

Heart Disease Care Certification

Caregivers learn to provide care for clients with heart disease and other common cardiovascular diseases and conditions. Class content includes assisting clients with performing ADLs and IADLs and specific considerations for observation and reporting.

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