AccordCare Finds Smoother Onboarding, Training with CareAcademy Platform

About AccordCare

Founded in January 2020, AccordCare’s executive leaders have more than 75 years of experience in the home care industry. The company’s vision is “To Help You Live Your Best Possible Life.” Through this vision, our compassionate care teams and back-office support are committed to serving individuals who desire to age in place, those with a catastrophic injury, and those requiring
skilled care.

AccordCare was founded in January 2020 as a result of a merger across Allegiant Home Care, A Hand to Hold and Accord Services, which allowed the company to expand its mission. Today, AccordCare provides customized, full-service private home care in 30 branch locations throughout the East Coast.

The focus continues to be on providing customized, private care to help clients live their best possible life where they feel the most comfortable: in their own homes.

"We’re doing things completely differently using the CareAcademy model. It’s worked out really well for us because the training is really robust, easy-to-use and class completions are up. When it comes time for audits, we have good solid data we can show."

Cristy Carey, Vice President of Clinical Operations, AccordCare

With 2,800 caregivers, healthcare providers, and staff, AccordCare faces issues common in the home care field:


  • Recruiting caregivers
  • Onboarding quickly and efficiently
  • Training for compliance and skill development
  • Keeping caregivers connected and engaged

About AccordCare

  • Headquartered in Marietta, Georgia
  • Serving clients in Alabama, Connecticut, Florida,
  • Georgia, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, and
  • South Carolina
  • Founded January 2020
  • 2,800 total employees

CareAcademy provides efficient onboarding solutions

Home care is a competitive industry, and the COVID-19 pandemic exacerbated the need for an expanded home care aide workforce.

With CareAcademy’s mobile training and compliance platform, AccordCare found their caregivers were able to easily take training modules from home, optimizing in-office training time to focus on hands-on patient care competencies and ultimately accelerating the orientation process.

While AccordCare had tried online training before, many of their caregivers were unable to access the platform or faced barriers to passing the final exams.

Upon partnering with CareAcademy, AccordCare found caregivers preferred the mobile-friendly platform, and were impressed with the library of courses available to meet state-required curriculum, as well as advanced, condition-specific care topics.

Because caregivers preferred CareAcademy’s caregiver-centric learning and testing format, AccordCare found test results improved, and caregivers expressed appreciation for the enhanced educational opportunities.

By the numbers

In the first six months, the AccordCare and CareAcademy partnership led to:

  • 2,800 caregivers enrolled in online courses
  • 4,100 classes completed
  • 97% of caregivers passed the final exam
  • 2x active caregivers (based on industry standard)

Additionally, CareAcademy provided easy access to the essential reports for state records and credentialing AccordCare needed. CareAcademy’s text notification platform was an added benefit, enabling staff to issue timely testing reminders to caregivers, and even to send a special Mother’s Day message across the company.

Problems Solved

  • Easy access to reporting across locations
  • Multi-state compliance requirements met
  • Relevant and accessible course content
  • Engaged and active caregivers

AccordCare met its essential business needs via the CareAcademy platform. Providing caregivers with the opportunity to direct their own training—anytime, anywhere, on any device—was an added bonus.

"At AccordCare, we had been doing it like everybody else: We had people come in for skills training marathons every year. During the pandemic, we needed to pivot to hiring online, and we were also able to pivot and start doing hybrid learning with CareAcademy. And I think that’s the one good thing to come out of the pandemic. It’s really helped us a lot."

Cristy Carey, Vice President of Clinical Operations, AccordCare

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