100 Hours of Teepa Snow Dementia Training For Home Care Agencies

The rising prevalence of dementia in the aging U.S. population means a growing need for caregivers to receive dementia care training. CareAcademy is now able to offer incredible content from Teepa Snow, one of the world’s leading educators on dementia and dementia care, to bring high quality training to home care agencies across the nation.

Teepa Snow Dementia Training

What do you need to know about The Dementia Training Alliance?

Teepa Snow’s Positive Approach to Care (PAC) dementia care training program helps enable direct care workers to deliver person-centered Alzheimer’s and dementia care to clients. Your caregivers have the opportunity to be recognized as dementia care specialists thanks to the PAC course material. 

100 Hours of PAC Dementia Training on CareAcademy

89% of Home Care Agencies Say Dementia Training is Part of Their Home Care Program

1 in 3 seniors above the age of 85 are diagnosed with dementia

“This alliance with CareAcademy supports my mission to change the culture of dementia support and care. Training plays a huge role in helping caregivers adequately care for those with dementia.”

Teepa Snow

CEO and Founder, Positive Approach to Care

100 Hours of Teepa Snow’s PAC Dementia Training Classes

PAC course material includes a variety of dementia care classes that provide a path to upskill caregivers through education.
Enable your staff with the ability to provide quality health solutions with the classes below:

  • In-Home Dementia Care: Tips & Techniques
  • It’s All in Your Approach
  • Lewy Body Dementia
  • Living at Home with Mid to Later Stage Dementia
  • Maintain Your Brain: Dementia Risk Reduction & Life After Diagnosis
  • Practical Tips for Better Living with Parkinson’s Disease
  • Progression of Dementia

  • The Inevitable Hospital Stay—How to Advocate for Your Loved One with Dementia
  • The Journey of Dementia
  • Understanding Frontotemporal Dementia
  • Understanding Vascular Dementia
  • Why, When, and How to Seek Professional Senior Care—Your Guide to Making the Right Choice


Q: How many hours of video does the Teepa Snow Advanced Dementia Care training include?
A: 99 hours of video!
Q: What’s the format?
A: The trainings are video-based with multiple-choice test questions. Many of the videos include real-life filmed scenarios of Teepa Snow and her PAC colleagues working with older adults who are living with dementia. The trainings vary in length, ranging from 20 minutes to an hour or more.
Q: How many classes?
A: There are 40 unique titles.
Q: Does Teepa herself “star” in her training classes or does she just teach them?
A: Teepa both teaches and stars in the trainings. It’s a combination of her talking directly to the camera and speaking to others around her including care providers and older adults alike.
Q: Will the Teepa content be good toward CE credits?
A:  If a customer is in a state that doesn’t require approval, but just has topic-specific CE requirements, they can absolutely use the Teepa content. This is the case in most states for home care workers. If the customer is in a state that requires approval for CE (for example, California CNA CEs, Washington CEs, Florida CNA CEs, DC CNA CEs), then they cannot use it toward their CE requirement. Currently, Teepa’s classes do not hold any approvals in any state. 

Q: Do any of the PAC classes we’ve licensed count toward the PAC certification programs?
A: PAC/Teepa Snow have their own certifications for dementia trainers. The online classes that we’re partnered with her to offer do not count toward the PAC certifications. 
Q: If I purchase the Teepa Snow Advanced Dementia Care, does it grant me the ability to see Teepa Snow if/when she presents locally? Or do I get a discounted offer on having Teepa come and speak at my office?
A: Access to this content (via the Teepa Snow x CareAcademy Dementia Training Alliance) is separate from Teepa’s appearance fees or her organization (PAC). CareAcademy is not a division of Teepa Snow or PAC.

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