Online Personal Care Aide (PCA) Training for Agencies

CareAcademy offers Personal Care Aide training to comply with state requirements. Personal Care Aides and other home care workers are encouraged or required to take initial and ongoing, annual training depending on the state. 

The CareAcademy Personal Care Aide training solutions are intended to rapidly re-skill and upskill workers enabling them for employment. Training includes the fundamentals of providing personal care and companionship to older adults residing at home, equips learners to support those with common, chronic conditions, and enables learners to provide personal care. 


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A Powerful PCA Training Platform for Agency Owners and Admins

Provide Comprehensive Scenario-Based PCA Training

Video scenarios present realistic and relatable examples of in-home care situations.

  • Highlight the correct and incorrect approaches to performing tasks and handling situations.
  • Through storytelling and other instructional techniques, we infuse soft skills throughout our trainings. Even for “hard skills” (e.g., assisting with feeding), we demonstrate not only the step-by-step procedure but also how to communicate compassionately, professionally, and effectively. 

Meet State PCA Training Requirements with Auto-Assigned Classes. Classes cover a broad range of relevant topics, including:

    • Maintaining a Clean & Healthy Environment (Infection
    • Clients’ Rights, HIPAA & Elder Abuse Prevention
    • Overview of HIV/AIDS
    • Safety Precautions & Falls Prevention
    • Emergency Procedures

Set reminders and increase training completion rates while tracking progress for PCAs

Certify New Personal Care Aides at Scale with CareAcademy

Agencies can train new PCAs with our online program that meets your state requirements for PCA training. We recognize the need for a personal care aide program that will provide your agency with the proper resources to transform healthcare and provide high quality care for older adults.

70+ Total Training Videos

Meet State Training Requirements for PCAs

4x More Class Completions than In-Person Training

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About CareAcademy

CareAcademy provides high-quality, state-approved caregiver training for home care agencies that increases caregiver knowledge. Caregivers love to complete all of their needed training from an easy-to-use mobile-friendly platform designed around their style of learning. Home care agencies know their caregivers are current with their training requirements and are able to manage their state specific compliance needs.

Award-Winning Training Platform for Senior Care

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