Specialized caregiver certifications

Competency-based training programs that build functional skills in specific areas of elderly care.

Build functional skills

In specific areas of elder care.

Improve proficiency

And ability to provide expert-level care.

Support growth

Of care workers with upskilling opportunities.

Two levels with ten
specialized certifications

Choose basic or advanced certifications
There are two Basic Specialized Certifications currently available in the Essentials and Complete packages. Eight additional Advanced Specialized Certifications are available in the Complete Package.

Basic certifications

These certifications are included in CareAcademy’s Essentials and Complete packages
Certifications Included
COVID-19 Care Certification
Safety and Falls Prevention Certification

Advanced certifications

These certifications are included in CareAcademy's Complete package. For more details, visit our pricing page.

Certifications Included
Dementia Care Certification
Diabetes Care Certification
Stroke Recovery Care Certification
Parkinson’s Disease Care Certification
Respiratory Condition Care Certification
Heart Disease Care Certification
Behavioral Health Certification
End-of-Life Care Certification

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